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Hello to all potential crypto investors, traders and just interested! I want to continue today the story about the project Nebula AI, which positions itself as a blockchain 3.0, which focuses on the training of artificial intelligence through the use of mining facilities. Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in our daily lives and it is difficult to imagine life without it today. But the more “intelligent” the artificial intelligence becomes, the more knowledge it accumulates and requires more and more capacities in order for the system to function properly and continue to develop. Also, with the development of blockchain technology, there appeared such a thing as mining. Mining is essentially the creation of new blocks in the chainchain due to the use of computer power, but in the modern world, humanity has gone much further and now there are huge farm mining, very powerful. As a result, the technology of the Nebula AI project will use the power of the miners for data storage and training of artificial intelligence. In addition to learning AI Nebula AI will use these powers for analysis of big data. In other words, the power of video cards of the miners will be directed to the training of artificial training, because this process is very energy-intensive.


At the beginning of its journey, Nebula AI will use the ERC-20 token with the NBAI ticker. According to the roadmap, the transition to its blockchain Nebula AI is also planned. It is a new generation of blockchain that will also serve for interregional transfer of resources and recording of all types of AI applications (decentralized, integrated) in a more convenient way. The main goal of blockchain Nebula AI is the implementation of the uninterrupted integration of micropayments on its basis, as well as the application of decentralized functions and AI applications. As a result, the transition from DApp + AI to DAI will be achieved. Also, using the hashing of the hash capacities, the Nebula AI technology will reduce energy costs by 30%, that is, the information will become faster and more accessible compared to such giants as Amazon.

The project works according to the following principle:The essence of the project is very simple. For full interaction, you will need to install the DAI application from the developer. There are two types of interaction with the application. The first type is paid, and the second one is is free. In the first case, the user has an increased functionality and more opportunities. In the second case the standard capabilities of the application are provided. The platform will generate certain tasks, which the user will be able to receive in the form of NBAI currency (tokens), then selling and exchanging these tokens on the exchange. The NBAI tokens.

Thus, the interaction in this project is quite simple and straightforward. You can earn tokens NBAI while actively working in the development of this project.

ава.jpgThe significance of the Nebula AI project for the public:

In our time, to conduct research at high speed, it is necessary to use a large number of computers for this purpose. This is due to the fact that, depending on how many connected computers will be determined the total amount of the bar in the node. In the modern world, the procedure for testing various drugs is an example of using high-tech computing. The medical field is the best example of how the project Nebula AI can become very popular among other similar start-ups and will make them significant competition.

The implementation of all the developments of the Nebula AI platform will allow to quickly solve all the problems of the modern labor market, in which people interact on a single project or work together. It will also be possible to create a huge computer network from connected PCs, whose capacities can be used to solve current and important problems of the modern world (medical development, labor protection, and the institution of confidential information).

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Summarizing the review of the company Nebula AI, I would like to highlight a few interesting facts. First, we get a reduction in electricity costs. Secondly, we get extensive opportunities for both developers and users. In my opinion, this project has great potential, and at least it should be considered for investment and purchasing NBAI tokens. Having such an experienced team, global intentions and development prospects, the company can definitely rely on a great future. The combination of Blockchain and AI technologies is what is needed in our time. All this is in the project Nebula.AI.Thank you for attention!

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