Many exchanges cannot provide current user requests due to the deficit and surplus of certain coins. As a result, the volume of turnover decreases, and consumers remain unhappy and often lose interest in a particular service. Another problem is the payment for the transfer of coins on the exchange. This prevents penetration of newcomers to the market with a small capitalization and the listing fee is a kind of an obstacle to entering the market and filters with the low liquidity of coins and tokens. All exchanges provide access to data on prices and volumes only. Although they are available at different levels of complexity, some exchanges give a deeper look to their ordering books than others, and some provide access to graphs using built-in tools. The burden of responsibility lies in self-analysis of the user with the availability of trade data for exchange and this has limited new Nebula Exchange have come to solve this problem.

Nebula Exchange is a platform that’s projected to solve these issues by combining a sophisticated trading platform with user reviews, technical analysis, news, and Peer to Peer network messaging, in a bid to induce a centralized or one-community trading solution. This cryptocurrency exchange is driven by a need to simplify the complexities surrounding cryptocurrency trading, and therefore, uses user-friendly interface for both new and veteran investors. In addition, this exchange aims to take charge of trading in security tokens, which are ignored by other exchanges.

Since most projects has to go through many loop halls and climb highest peak to get listed in a exchange or a trading system due to high cost of listing, and most of the users’ requests for exchange platforms are already well known, reliable and experienced, this exchange platform is aimed at providing an inexpensive listing.The platform, which was launched in the first week of May 2018, has more than half a century of listed projects, and is also aimed at adding Fiat and Petequin pairs to the stock market, as well as margin trading, which gives leverage tenfold. On some pairing. The priority of exchanging the nebula is to satisfy its customers and thus combine all the desires and needs of users into one viable platform.


We have seen above the confusion faced by many traders in making trading decisions, Nebula intend providing solutions with the below amazing features of the Nebula Exchange:

  1. Review System: on the Nebula Exchange platform anyone can write 5-star reviews for every currency trading on the platform, members can provide price targets accompanied with TA charts. They Nebula community will publicly rate this reviews, traders can easily browse the top reviews or look at the newest submissions for hot tips and news. When you find a trust worthy reviewer you can follow them, getting instantly notified every time they drop a new review. The overall rating for each currency will be prominently displayed on the exchange, greatly reducing the risk of falling for a scam or pump and dump coin. You can even compare price targets from various traders to plan your entry and exit strategies properly.
  2. Reputation System: how would information gotten from Nebula differ from what you get on other media platforms? Introducing Reputation Points (RP) by Nebula. Every new account created on the Nebula Exchange starts with 0 RP and can gain points upwards by contributing to the Nebula community. For example every referral, daily login, follower and thumb up on a review made by a member of the Nebula community earns him/her Reputation Points (RP). Another wonderful feature in this system is the “Thank” feature. Users may reward others in the Advice Chat for giving trade advice or helping them learn the ropes of cryptocurrency trading, this make Nebula the ideal place for newbie’s to begin their crypto journey. Each users Reputation level is clearly displayed in every review they make, as well as link to their past reviews making it easy to identify respected members of the community and verify if their past calls were right. With this traders can make the right decisions when trading, know their entry and exit points, why a particular coin is mooning or dipping and learn many things from expert traders.
  3. News System: many traders (FOMO) fear of missing out jump in and buy a particular cyptocurrency because it is rising in price and most times get burnt in the process or let (FUD) perceived trouble take control of their emotions and they sell their treasured tokens to regret later when the price rise. Traders need accurate information to make the right trading decisions and this what the Nebula platform would provide, credible information would be provided from verified sources on the platform which traders can go through to take decisions while trading. Also dedicated channels would be created for listed projects to keep investors abreast of the latest happenings of their project; this would ensure traders get verified news straight from the projects.
  4. P2P messaging and Troll box: this is an avenue were traders can share their opinions and ideas. Each user would have their private message boxes to chat one on one with their fellow traders through the P2P messaging system or engage in conversations with the wider Nebula community.


• SECURITY: As a cryptotrader that wish to trade on an exchange, the first thought that comes to mind is; “are my funds safe”, “Can I logout and login to see my balance intacts”. Nebula exchange is an exchange built from the knowledge of phising, mailware and cyber attacks on prominents exchange. The exchange is built to combat such an attack with some key measures such as DDoS protection from cloudware, 2FA attached to a password, use of muti signature Hot and cold wallets for fund safety, Smart contract and security audit by security consultants all set up to ensure maximum security of users Fund.

• TRADING PLATFORM: The nebula exchange is embedded with a unique trading platform for high frequency seasoned traders and made from easy to use for new traders. The trading platform has the capacity to register a total of 1 million transctions in a second, provide standard and professional trading view charts to aid trading for traders, Has a limit, market and stop loss features, Trades on nebula exchange are exportable, provides a multi sig wallets and also provides Margin trading for Margin with up to 10 times leaverage.

• INFORMATION SHARING PLATFORM: Nebula exchange will provide an avenue where informations such as price targets and TA charts made by other traders could shared in the community and then reviews rated for top reviews which would greatly assist traders including those not technically inclined to make good and informed trading decisions for max trading efficiency. The information system will be inform of a Review system, Reputation system, News system, and a P2P messaging and troll box

• SECURITY TOKENS AND UTILITY TOKENS: Nebula exchange will provide a utility token that would give you access to Nebula exchange products. The Nebula security tokens are digitized equity in the Nebula company. Via this tokens users would make money from the appreciation of nebula’s valuation and from it generated dividendss from time to time. Only accredited investors and/or institutional investors are eligible to hold possession of this token.

• AFFORDABLE LISTINGS: Many good projects, especially new projects out there with good realistic vision are lying low on decentralized exchanges because of dificulty in finding good quality listing in centralized exchanges at low cost. Most of the top exchanges charge escrutiation amount of fees for listing and in return spend months to list these projects leaving them with almost no active markets. Nebula Exchange is built to carter for this promising projects by providing an avenue for those who will be successful in their due dilligence process to pay less and affordable listing fee. Nebula is aimed at helping out best projects with promising last inorder for this developers to use their funds for their product development. Currently over 40 projects have partnered with Nebula and are on cue to be listed Asap on exchange launch.

• REFERRAL SYSTEM: A simple and very rewarding referral system is embedded in the nebula exchange where each user owning an account on the exchange is provided with a unique referral code where he or she (referee) is entitled to 50% of the fee paid by his/her referral as transaction fee for a span of one year.
Nebula exchange aims to solve all the impending cryptoexchange problems with this unique features and in time be among the top 20 exchanges in the cryptospace, improvement in the security tokens for users, having a vibrant referral system that will be a plus for any user who invites an active member to the platform and compensating them with a 50% successful transaction fee paid by referred user. Nebula will provide a combine state of art trading and also the best technical analysis to make its exchange a promising platform for its traders/users and investors with its security tokens for secure payment system.

  Information Sharing

Every new account starts with O RP (Reputation Points) and can gain points to progress upwards by benefiting the Nebula community. For example every referral, daily login, follower and thumb up on your reviews will award RP.

Nebula will bring to only reliable news and articles from reliable sources. In addition, creating a dedicated channel for these projects, it ensures that traders on their platform will receive unsolicited news directly from projects in a matter of seconds.

 The Team

Vincent Jacques – Founder, Chairman – Started his career as Investment Banker. He was also worked with BCG for 2 years as a Strategy Consultant. As a student, he created a virtual trading platform for students to trade courses and other assets. Previously involved in Blockchain based decentralized commodities player Chaintrade, French Cryptocurrency Paypite and Neoplace.Rohan Juneja – CEO – He did Industrial and Operations Engineer from University of Michigan and MBA from INSEAD. Also worked in Healthcare and Renewable Energy. He’s having experience in Finance and Shareholding Product Portfolios.Nathan Collins – CPO – He’s a successful Cryptocurrency Trader and Enthusiast. His experience with the crypto community has shaped most of their features.

Token Matrix
Token – Nebula Exchange Star Credits (NESC)
Total Supply – 100,000,000 Tokens
Token Price – $0.40 USD
Soft Cap – $500,000 USD
Hard Cap – $20M USD
Accepting Currency – ETH, BTC
Private & Public Sale – TBA

The percentages in which tokens will be distributed are; for public sale a whooping 65% will be segmented, while team and advisors will take a share of 20% of the total token, 10%will be allocated to private sales while the remaining 5% goes to bounty and airdrop program


A brief but informative roadmap. The project was officially introduced in the fourth quarter of last year. Already in the first quarter, a new location of the project was introduced, the team announced the completion of the development of the platform – a trial version was officially launched. In the second quarter, the team actively participated in the ICO. The list of NESC tokens is scheduled for the third quarter of the year. The project will regulate interaction with air in the second quarter; the exchange with Bitcoin will be available only in the third. Also in the third quarter secret tokens will be listed. At the end of the year, Android is planned to be applied.


 Crypto communities are always well acquainted with projects related to daily operations with crypto-currencies. Especially if they solve urgent problems. Nebula also solves the whole complex of problems of projects and traders, both experienced and beginners. And he does it right now, because the nebula is ready. It should be noted that the preparation of this project is carried out at a very high level..The founder of the nebula is Vincent Jacques, who was once an investment banker, and then created an operating training company worth $ 25 million. The rating includes Roh Goniya, who is the general director. He is an industrial engineer and process engineer at the University of Michigan and other team members, consisting of a specialist in finance, electronic security and developers. The nebula exchange is the right choice for inclusion of the project and for investors using the platform. Invest and get the most from the exchange platform, because they offer everything you can not get elsewhere. Regardless of the regulatory risks, market risks and security risks associated with the project, the exchange rate of the nebula raises above all the negative factors that determine it between higher levels compared to other exchange platforms.The competition in this space is always high. Each month, more than 190 active exchanges compete for sizes with a large number of markets. Top-10 exchanges usually make up more than 50% of the sizes.Nebula Exchange is confident that by focusing on information and creating communities, in addition to supporting security tokens, they will be able to distinguish themselves from these traditional exchanges.Nebula Exchang aimed at entering the top 20 exchanges by the end of 2018, hoping to get more than $ 100 million a day. They are confident that their attention to information and the creation of a community, in addition to supporting security tokens, will be able to distinguish themselves from traditional exchanges. 


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