Nebula Exchange: A Platform for Crypto Exchange

Nebula exchange is an exchange service that has been established by combining a sophisticated trading platform with user reviews, technical analysis, news, and Peer to Peer network messaging, in a bid to induce a centralized or one-community trading solution. Nebula exchange can be defined as a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform.

They solely believe that cryptocurrency markets are made up of traders and investors and they need more than just the price and volume information to make different decisions and the nebula exchange is the solution to all these and even more. Many exchanges cannot provide current user requests due to the deficit and surplus of certain coins. As a result, the volume of turnover decreases, and consumers remain unhappy and often lose interest in a particular service. Another problem is the payment for the transfer of coins on the exchange.

This prevents penetration of newcomers to the market with a small capitalization and the listing fee is a kind of an obstacle to entering the market and filters with the low liquidity of coins and tokens. All exchanges provide access to data on prices and volumes only. Although they are available at different levels of complexity, some exchanges give a deeper look to their ordering books than others, and some provide access to graphs using the tools built in the platform. Nebula Exchange has come to solve this problem.

The Problem

Cryptocurrencies alongside the blockchain technology came at a time people were still naïve to technological advancements. Hence, virtually a greater part of the world populace found it hard to understand how cryptocurrencies work.
Crypto trades are goldmines and smart investors are making a fortune out of it. So for amateurs who are yet to grasp the concept behind cryptocurrencies, they’ll find it hard to meet up.
Apart from users’ naivety and inability to conform the workings of cryptocurrencies in general and its trading in particular, there are also problems facing cryptocurrency itself. It has been stated over times that cryptocurrencies seem to have low output and are slightly faster than fiat currencies.

Why Nebula Exchange?:

As per infographic, incorporating confided in specialists in the computerized blockchain space, Nebula Exchange is the eventual fate of blockchain and gives an offer that makes it first-rate following its capacity to allow clients to exchange with around 1:10 use by means of the utilization of side-effects, and this is equipped with being fairly ideal for more dedicated merchants. Cloud trade is one of a kind in all fronts; however, there is a little similitude to other controlled forex representatives who give periphery exchanging on digital money. In any case, Nebula Exchange brings a forefront offer where a customer can utilize their record both for purchasing and offering cryptos including for utilized exchanges.
The Nebular trade stage has reliably kept up a consistent ascent accomplishing unparalleled notoriety and fascination every day. The stage does not trade off quality as it has an agreeable, consistent and incredibly created interface that is likewise, possible in WEB and Mobile variant of the space. Nebula, a French exchange, seems to be on the right track. The platform recently reported on the success of their private beta. As a result of this, they will not launch a public beta but will go straight to a platform that trades live funds on April 30th.

Functions of platforms:

Nebula is the next generation trading platform, which propose next functions and features:

  • Safety Features (platform deploy industry leading safety measures to keep funds safe);
  • Security Tokens (one of the first exchanges which allows the trading of security tokens);
  • Be Heard (Voice your opinions on various tokens using Nebula 5-star review system);
  • Reputation System (Earning Reputation Points (RP) and getting rewards for referring friends, writing reviews and helping the community);
  • Multi-Currency (Trading favorite tokens using ETH, BTC, USDT, EURT, and FIAT pairings);
  • Margin Trading (Trade with up to 10x leverage on selected pairings).
  • So many users can find different and useful features for theirselfs.

Nebula Exchange disadvantages:

  1. Beta. As we already said Nebula Exchange is still in beta mode and cannot be used for now. It allows sign-up, but it only adds you to a waiting list for a private beta that is yet to be launched.
  2. Timeline. There is no definitive timeline about when Nebula Exchange is planning to launch its full operations, except some vague promises to do so in April 2018, made on its Facebook page. According to previous reports in NewsBTC, the exchange was going to launch in March, but obviously it has been postponed.

Nebula Exchange advantages:

  • Leverage. Nebula Exchange will allow for users to trade with up to 1:10 leverage through the use of derivatives. The nice thing about Nebula Exchange is that a client can use their account both for buying and selling cryptos and for leveraged trading.  
  • Demo. There is a nice demo of Nebula Exchange’s trading platform, with charts from TradingView, depth of market, order book, etc.
  • Fiat trading. Nebula Exchange will also offer the option to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for fiat – EUR and USD, with a simple KYC procedure and secure deposit options.
  • Wallet. Nebula Exchange will also offer a multi-signature wallet.
  • Coins. Although we could not find a definitive list of the coins available for trading on Nebula Exchange, we notice that there will be some more obscure tokens and altcoins that seldom appear on other exchanges, if at all, in addition to the popular ones like Bitcoin, Ether, etc.
  • Proposals. In the light of Nebula’s intentions to offer a platform for obscure coins, developers have the option to propose their coin for listing, by filling in a brief form on the site.
  • Ratings. Traders will be able to vote and rate the various projects and coins on the exchange, similarly to products ratings in online stores like Amazon. Thus scams, worthless investments, pump & dumps, and projects with no substance, clear vision, and strong developers will receive poor ratings, giving newcomers and casual traders a more efficient method of segregating projects.The altcoins and projects with high ratings will be rewarded with free advertising on Nebula’s front page.
  • Security. Nebula promises multi-signature encrypted cold storage of client funds, in order to prevent hacks and thefts.
  • Mobile apps. In addition to everything else, Nebula promises the launch mobile application for Android and iOS devices that will enable clients to trade on the go. This is still in the works, though.

Some of the notable features of the platform are:

  1. Ability to trade security tokens.
  2. A community where users can rate different tokens.
  3. Encryption and security features to ensure the safety of funds.
  4. Margin trading that allows for leverage of up to 10x.
  5. Get rewarded and earn points for writing token reviews, inviting friends to the platform and generally being an active member on the platform.
  6. Multiple tokens pairing that also allow for fiat pairings.
  7. The platform has a simple trading interface that can be accessed on mobile, and on the web.

Token & tokensale details:

The percentages in which tokens will be distributed are; for public sale, a whopping 65% will be segmented, while team and advisors will take a share of 20% of the total token, 10%will be allocated to private sales while the remaining 5% goes to bounty and airdrop program

  • Token Name: Nebula Exchange Star Credits
  • Token Ticker: NESC
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Token Price: 1 NESC = $0.4
  • Accepted Currencies: BTC & ETH


Nebula is going to solve the whole complex of problems of projects and traders, both experienced and beginners. It should be noted that the preparation of this project is carried out at a very high level. The competition in this space is always high. Each month, over 190 active exchanges compete for sizes with a great number of markets. Nebula Exchange is confident that by focusing on information and creating communities, in addition to supporting security tokens, they will be able to distinguish themselves from these traditional exchanges. By considering all these information we can decide that this will be a great ICO in 2018.

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