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With each day, more and more people become participants of the cryptocurrency market. There are now long-term investors following the buy & hold strategy, traders who partake in regular trading operations, and large cryptocurrency funds.

Nonetheless, many people still reject entering the market. The absence of utilizing cryptocurrencies within the bounds of business models as well as the absence of regulations act as entry barriers for companies. Individuals frequently don’t have time or energy to study all of the market’s mechanisms and purchase a cryptocurrency.


Neluns Bank

The first element of the ecosystem is the Neluns Bank. Which is a licensed commercial bank, officially registered in accordance with all regulatory requirements.

The Neluns Bank presents a broad spectrum of services for physical and legal entities. While all operations are available in fiat and in cryptocurrencies.

During the first stage, Neluns Bank will carry out activities combining classical banking and banking on the Blockchain. In the future, Neluns Bank, together with its partners, will transition to its own Blockchain for international settlement purposes. The utilization of leading technologies allows us to create financial products, access to which will be available around the clock from any part of the world.


Neluns Exchange

The Neluns Exchange strive to become a global cryptocurrency exchange and establish itself as the foundation for a new and complex banking architecture, which does not suffer from the shortcomings of the existing system. We are creating an innovative solution, eliminating the drawbacks of existing cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bank guarantee

Principle Instead of creating just another exchange, we decided to use the “Bank guarantee” approach. Neluns Exchange user assets are fully legal and insured, they are not affected by unforeseen circumstances, faced by many existing cryptocurrency exchanges.

Neluns Exchange is an element of the Neluns financial ecosystem and is closely linked to the Neluns Bank. Exchange operations are executed in accordance with all legal norms and the trades are entirely legal. Investors assets are always connected to IBAN in the Neluns Bank and are legally protected.

The Neluns Exchange will receive a license from the U.S Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in order to act as a clearing center for derivatives, based on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Easy fund withdrawals, highest transaction speeds.

Users of many cryptocurrency exchanges run into problems when withdrawing funds. This procedure can take a massive amount of time, which entails an increase in the volume of lost profits.

Aside from this, users frequently lose funds as a result of exchange personnel mistakes, which transfer funds to incorrect accounts.

Neluns eliminates these problems, after passing verification, clients can withdraw an unlimited amount of funds. Withdrawals will be made to multicurrency accounts opened with the Neluns Bank. This procedure will occur almost instantly.

Protection from cyber attacks

A real financial institution acting as the base for an exchange will simplify the task of creating a defense system from hacker attacks.

The bank is well protected legally. Aside from this, the banking transfer system, payment, and other operations are significantly more secure than existing options in the cryptocurrency sphere.

To build the ecosystem, Neluns will use reliable banking technical solutions, provided by leading world companies. As a result, this will significantly increase the level of security and minimize the possibility of losing clients funds due to the actions of intruders.

Performance at peak loads

During peak load times, the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges, even the largest one’s experience problems. As a result, clients suffer losses, since their funds are frozen. They cannot execute trade operations or withdraw their assets.

Furthermore, many exchanges close down registrations for new users, or simply do not allow users to pass verification, which limits their abilities.

The use of leading technologies from two financial worlds allows Neluns Exchange to eliminate these problems. Our system will retain functionality under any loads. Users will be able to carry out millions of transactions per minute, while place orders will be closed near instantaneously (in the case of the established price being adequate under current market conditions) thanks to the liquidity support system.

Effective user support services

The Neluns team is developing the most user-friendly ecosystem. One of its elements is customer support.  Current users of many exchanges need to wait weeks for exchange employees to respond to issues that arise. The Neluns takes the customer service system to a whole new level. Our employees will immediately answer all questions that appears and solve problems affecting users. Meanwhile our support services will be provided around the clock, in a language comfortable for each user. Support services will be available directly in the mobile application chat, in all messengers, on the Neluns site, and through our hotline.


The Neluns ecosystem development team, together with our partners, is developing comprehensive software modules, which will allow the active traders to carry our trades on the Neluns exchange through familiar software products such as Fusion, TAKION, MetaTrader, Metastock, ROX, and others.  Upon Neluns Bank moving to its own Blockchain, Neluns Exchange will be able to carry out payments in a few seconds to any part of the world with minimal commissions of 0.01%. Internal transfers within the Neluns ecosystem do not carry a fee.


Neluns Insurance

A separate element of the Neluns financial ecosystem, is the insurance company – Neluns Insurance. On demand of the bank and cryptocurrency exchange users, it will carry out insurance coverage for financial risks, tied to trades and transactions.

Ecosystem users will have access to full and partial risk insurance.

  • Full insurance. Provides insurance coverage in full when an insured event occurs.
  • Partial insurance. Limits insurance coverage as certain insurance amounts, as well as the system of specific insured event occurrence conditions.

The base insurance premium amount with full coverage comprises 10% from the total trade/transaction sum. It can change depending on a row of criteria. The cost of partial coverage is determined individually for each specific case.

After the insurance payment is paid, the claim right of the defaulting party is transferred from the insured to the insurer.

Clients will have access to the following insurance services:

  • Risk insurance for defaulting counterparties when executing transactions. • Insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances during transactions.

As the ecosystem develops, the set of insurance products will be expanded. The following services will be added to the basic services:

  • Insurance of credit and deposit risks.
  • Insurance of investment risks.
  • Insurance of financial guarantees.


Neluns ICO

Stages (rounds) ICO


  1. Hard Cap – $2.000.000
  2. Soft Cap – $500.000
  3. 1 stage (round), pre-sale, stage (round) length 14 days,
  4. from 08-01-2018 to 08-15-2018.


  1. Hard Cap – $10.000.000
  2. Soft Cap – $2.000.000
  3. 2 stage (round), pre-ICO, stage (round) length 21 days,
  4. from 08-15-2018 to 09-05-2018.


  1. Hard Cap – $112.000.000
  2. Soft Cap – $10.000.000
  3. 3 stage (round), ICO, stage (round) length 31 days,
  4. from 09-05-2018 to 10-05-2018.


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