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As we know, the development of digital platform from time by time and obviously were experiencing the incredible accelerations. services and features that were produced are always more sophisticated and advanced than the previous version development. Is this reasonable? Of course

We are in an acceleration age nowadays where the world and technology are changing rapidly, this circumstance is due to the development of such technology massively for many purposes that aim to solve the problems. In the current era, almost there aren’t the problems which can not be solved with the assistance of technology, these things are very different if compare than the previous few decades ago, we fell the situation where the movement and development of any sector in the world run slowly.

We are at the point where the principle of centralization ecosystem will be replaced with decentralization ecosystem. we are already familiar with blockchain technology that running on in decentralization platform. soon or later it will become to be a part of human life . and it was already running on that track. the blockchain technology allows us to do many great things using this technology.

Financial disruption is one of the hottest topics today. Many startups are trying to revolutionize financial service, helped by the rapid advancement of the blockchain technology. here introduce to you a breakthrough in financial service

What is Nelus ?

As mentioned before, discussing relate to financial will never being bored to be discussed, we as a social human being surely do many so financial activity that supports by financial services. We admit facts that the utilizing cryptocurrency doesn’t maximally expose. In another side the boundaries regulation and barriers on financial service nowadays. make the movement of cryptocurrency on financial service is impossible to be applied soon. From the regulations, there are big differences in traditional financial service and the implement of cryptocurrency within the ecosystem. For instance, difficulties with converting cryptocurrencies to fiat and etc. Of course, we need an innovative financial ecosystem which is capable to resolve those things by eliminating issues of all cryptocurrencies. Opening potential entry market for the participant to entry in cryptocurrencies ecosystem.

Here we are, The Neluns is financial service that comes as an innovative financial ecosystem which combines the role of the bank itself and cryptocurrency service. Supporting also bridge the fiat and cryptocurrency end encompasses the traditional financial product such as insurance and all operation with fiat money and cryptocurrency. To be simple Neluns will take the role as a bank with all familiar service that gives its attention and oriented to eliminating issues of all cryptocurrency market to enter the market. The different regulation among the traditional fiat service and cryptocurrency will be a bridge that connects traditional service and financial cryptocurrency ecosystem, Neluns will become the cryptocurrency markets development catalyst.


Successful Project always has a purpose to reach. these points can be read easily on a roadmap to track every progress will be through on the project. easily shown on the roadmap to track the progress of the project. As you can see following below, the Roadmap of NELUNS projects looks very clear and informing. the team has planned in detail the big amount of tasks to be done and to be through. just looks the roadmap truly promising.

Core Team Of Neluns

Behind the Neluns project, there is a very motivated and hard working team. Below you can find the team leads. The team has the incredible experiences in the financial industry but also has great knowledge in the blockchain, as well as marketing. For more information on the team, you can check out on their website (link below). They are Nick Thielman (CEO, Co-Founder), Darrel Martin (CTO, Co-Founder), Leslie Haynes (Director of Business Analyst and Audit Departement), Patrick Skinner (Director of Software Development Departement), and Madeline Williams (Director of Sales and Marketing Development).  you can also find the links to the LinkedIn profiles from each team member. The team takes this project very seriously and my experienced also have shown that they answer questions regarding their project very fast and good on the telegram chat (join the chat, the link is below at the end of this article).

Nelun’s Partners

The Partners within the project is a must. there are benefits are gained by both of. of course, helping grow the value of the project and also become one of the ways to show the seriousness to broadcast the project to all people worldwide. here the list reliable partners of NELUNS. they welcome and appreciate the extraordinary idea behind the NELUNS. they are VISA, AMERICAN EXPRESS,FUSION,FINASTRA and Accenture (there aren’t any means concerning mentioning the order partners).

Press Announcement About Neluns

Neluns project constantly discussed and talked because of its clear vision and the breakthrough will be made. the brilliant idea of Neluns has attracted the number of press to publication Neluns to People also giving their assessments, opinions, and point of view relate to the Neluns project. hereby introduce to you all of them are : Cryptoeconomy, Coindex, Ethereum, Yahoo finance, Blockonomi, and etc.

Expert review toward Neluns

The reliable expertise of ICO had given a satisfy assessments based on the progress and the vision. clearly showing NelunsWorld Wi-Fi have the extraordinary solution that aiming for the current problem was happening. here the result following below.

Source : 

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Token Allocation and Fund Distribution

Total Supply is 200.000.000 NLS tokens. To keep the volatility and growth pricing tokens market, Any unsold tokens during the token sale will be burned overall. For the early project, a soft cap requirement to achieve of at least 10.000.000 USD , it’s a must. The hard cap will be at 112.000.000 USD here the details below concerning Token sale

12 % = team

5 % = bounty campaign

3 % = Advisor

80 % = ICO

For the fund was collected during pre-sale to ICO, it will be used for several purposes in different part section. this things as accountable prove to all investor who has joined within NELUNS project

10 % = Marketing

7 % = Reserve Fund

3 % = Personal Salaries

Token Sale

The Token sale divided in 3 phase. first, the presale was initiated at Agustus 1, 2018 to Agustus 15, 2018. secondly, presale was initiated at Augustus 15, 2018 to September 5, 2018. and the last is ICO, were initiating since September 5, 2018, to October 5, 2018. The base price of 1 NLS Token = 1 USD. NLS Token work in Ethereum platform and an ERC20 standard token, that means supported by the utilities within the ETH platform.

The way to  Participate in Nelus Token Sale

Being a part of ICO project by joining the ICO are right decision. the thing to do all of you are described as following below :

1 Go to the official website

2. Register in the form.

3 Confirm the mail. and follow the instruction are mentioned

FYI, the bonuses are offered also to all investors who join during the token sale, after the ICO finish, the other participant can join by buying NLS token in cryptocurrency exchange

Futher information,

In the end, I knew my review is far from completeness. surely there are many ideas relate to NELUNS project in your mind. For further information please take a look at their official website, as well as their official communication channels. Also, please feel freely post questions and feedback in the comment, so I can try to answer them.

Nelus official channel








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