Neogame’s mission is to transform the global gambling market into a non-profit and no-host model create a space where nobody makes money on games and nobody is interested to chase problem gamers. Neogame is a new lottery game that does not serve any beneficiaries: it has a zero house edge and no one will be able to access the funds: the only way to get them is to guess the winning lottery numbers.
The idea of the new Neogame project is to create a lottery that does not have an organizer, and miss not a business unit at all. Neogame will be governed solely by a lottery smart contract, which autonomously executes the game algorythm. The smart-contract holds funds, gets random numbers and distributes prizes in an absolutely clear linear manner.
This way Neogame eliminates hosts, intermediaries and any business people from the game. There are only players playing with each other and the lottery smart contract that makes the no-commission game possible.
Neogame will function using Ticket Tokens (TKT) as both lottery tickets and prize fund currency. The supply is limited to 500 million tokens, and we will work to increase their value. When tokens value grows, the prize fund grows proportionally. If token 


 Completely self-governing: In light of Ethereum shrewd contracts, the lottery will exist as long as blockchain exists. It doesn’t require incorporated administration, it will simply assemble assets from tickets sold and disseminate them all among champs as indicated by a reasonable and clear calculation. Neogame won’t serve any recipients: no one approaches its supports other than by effectively speculating WINNING lottery numbers. 
 Adaptable Big Stakes: Neogame will work utilizing Ticket Tokens (TKT) as both lottery tickets and prize store cash. The supply is constrained to 500 million tokens, and we will work to build their esteem. At the point when tokens esteem develops, the prize store develops relatively. On the off chance that token esteem increments fundamentally, the big stake size can be colossal. 
 Zero Commission: No lottery on the planet offers such conditions for players as Neogame. It gives every single raised store to victors, while different lotteries, for the most part, leave half of the assets for themselves and their tasks. In addition, it’s up to 7 times more inclined to win a big stake with Neogame than with most well-known lotteries. It is completely unknown and champs can take their prizes instantly.
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Tokens will have a limited supply of 500 million TKT. 400 million tokens will be offered for sale at a rate of TKT 4,000 per ETH 1. Funds will be collected in ETH on the token sale smart contract. According to the smart contract, if the soft cap is not reached, Ether funds collected will be returned to the wallets they were collected from. The token sale will last for 30 calendar days. Absence of discounts and bonuses The token sale will have no pre-sale stage, and tokens will be available to all buyers at the same price. No discounts or bonus tokens will be available. Allocation of collected funds Soft cap: ETH 2,000. Hard cap: ETH 100,000

Ticket token is mintable. Unsold tokens will not be produced. Allocation of collected funds may differ depending on the various token sale scenarios. Target costs are divided into two groups: Group 1: Combined costs for software development, listing on exchanges, legal services and marketing: ETH 1,000 to 4,000. Group 2: Token buyback for the initial formation of the prize pool: ETH 1,000 to 96,000. Group 1 funds will become available immediately after the token sale. Group 2 funds will be frozen for 3 months, after which they will be available exclusively f or token buyback.


  • Token — TKT
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Token Price — 0.1 USD
  • Token for sale — 400,000,000 TKT (80%)
  • Token supply — 500,000,000 TKT

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