This project makes lottery tickets non-profit and autonomous, and enables continuous operation and full transparency through the Ethereum block chain. It will allocate all the money to the last penny using a clear algorithm written in the smart contract of the lottery.

Neogame’s mission is to transform the global gambling market into a non-profit and no-host model. No one makes money in the game and creates a space where no one is interested in chasing the problematic gamer. Neogame is a new lottery game that does not help beneficiaries. Nobody has access to funds because there is no house edge. The only way to win is to guess the winning lottery number.

The idea of ​​the new Neogame project is to create a lottery that has no organizer and is not a business unit at all. Neogame will be wholly controlled by lottery smart contracts that autonomously execute game algorythm. A smart contract holds funds, gets random numbers, and distributes goods in an absolutely clear linear fashion.

In this way, Neogame removes hosts, intermediaries and all business people from the game. There is a lottery smart contract that allows for a no-commission game with players playing with each other.

Neogame uses a ticket token (TKT) as a lottery and prize fund. The supply is limited to 500 million tokens, and we will try to increase its value. As the token value increases, the prize increases proportionally. A large increase in token value can result in a big hit.

The Neogame network itself is built on the Blockade from the etherium using Smart contracts:
The Token Contract. Tokens TKT are built on the ERC20 protocol and are compatible with any wallets that support tokens from the Etherium. The main functions of the token are: a lottery ticket, a prize asset and a traded crypto activity. The number of tokens is initially limited and is equal to 500 million.
The contract of Krausdeyla. The formation of a bank of played funds is ensured by Cleudsley’s Clever contract, ie, the collective collection of funds from the lottery participants. In Russian “obshchak.” All collected funds are “frozen” until the minimum amount necessary for the drawing is collected. If this amount is not collected by the date of the lottery, then the funds will be sent back to the participants of the game.
is completely protected from human interference. It describes the logic of the game, its rules. This smart contract contains a random number generator. Based on the results of this work, the Lottery Contract distributes the winning funds among the winners. And the work of the generator and distribution of the winnings is transparent, and access to viewing the contents of the Contract is open to everyone.

The niche of gambling is very popular among the specialists on Blochein and cryptomir. She is very seductive and offers broad prospects for projects on this topic. But each project does not copy the previous one, moreover they are completely different. Only the principle of lottery is similar, but the process itself is very diverse. The problem of gambling and lotteries is acute, and the only solution to remove unscrupulous people from this market is to put this market on Block.

According to the council on problem gambling, #Gambling suffering from a pathological dependence on 1% of the US population , can be said to be a problem gamer up to 3%. # Neogame’s mission is based on the principle of responsible game.

Token specification

lotteries will use their own cryptocurrency – Tickle Token (TKT) – based on Ethereum blockchain. Ticket Token is a utility token with three functions:
Lottery. The player buys a token, chooses a number combination through a distributed application, and sends the token to the smart contract in the lottery.
Assets that make up part of the prize pool. The prize pool consists of a ticket token and all prize money is designated as TKT.

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