NEOGAME : The nonprofit lottery in the blockchain space is changing the gaming system

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The gaming industry is set to witness a change and growth in a unique through the blockchain structure. This is a new wave of change through the blockchain mall. It is the NeoGame platform on the crypto-currency ecosystem or paradigm. It is essentially needed to maintain and create a functional way through which gamers can benefit more and gain more in a great way. The NeoGame blockchain has one focus in mind. This is very simple, it has a paradigm for making sure no limits are set on how gamers can play games and reduce the power of middlemen or intermixed intermediaries in the industry. This is the focus line concept of the NeoGame platform and is uniquely a constructive paradigm in making gamers love to game and benefit tremendously.


The NeoGame blockchain platform is constructed or designed in a unique way to eliminate the place of barriers and middlemen in the gaming Market. This is uniquely why the whole idea of the platform was created and established in nature. It is also the why for so creative intuition from the team. NeoGame is a platform developed in a such a way through which gamers can place bets in a decentralized manner or fashion and operate in a way that it requires no middle-man or men for placing of bets as the case maybe. Most instances, gamers globally face challenges with payment involving middlemen and commissions. But, with the arrival of the NeoGame concept and idea is the presence of the a decentralized system were gamers can play from any were in the globe. Furthermore,the degree of commissions and excessive fees are removed totally from the gaming houses through the blockchain. This is a convenient way of solving problems and varying degrees of the present day centralized gaming system.

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The NeoGame blockchain is interestingly made up of creative features on it. This makes the platform awesome to be part of and uniquely great to explore. This makes it flexible and outstandingly user friendly in nature. The following features, make the platform great.

▪ Decentralized Node-
The NeoGame platform is decentralized in nature and, makes it easy to access globally. it eliminates the place of gaming centrality and erases the presence of middlemen or charges that involve booking of games,placing of bets and many other conditions on games been played. In general, a decentralized node makes gaming life sweeter and profitable in terms of monetary gains.

▪Blockchain Construct:
The NeoGame platform uses the blockchain technology framework. This adoption makes the project and all its dealing in-hackable or accessible from intruders. This in general makes it uniquely safe and secure. Thus, with gaming as the focus, the blockchain is the best construct for safe keeping of all winnings and many more account transactions been done online.

The NeoGame platform is transparent in nature through its blockchain and decentralized tools on the platform. The transparency nature creates reliability and profitable way to trade and place gaming bets. All games booked and won can be viewed and checked by all for honesty.

▪User friendly interface:
The platform can be accessed freely and navigated upon by users. This makes it easy for access and operations. The basic construct makes it functional and accessible for all level of users. Thus, users are not limited by platform use and simplicity.

The platform is scalable in nature, due to the much handling of limitless amount of transactions at a fast response time. This is what the NeoGame platform represents and brings for games with the elimination of middlemen.

All NeoGame token details can be accessed via the NeoGame token web homepage at
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The NeoGame roadmap iterates all frames and scales of milestones, task and objectives of the platform project timeline. The diagram representation below depicts all roadmap details.
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