NESTREE – Advanced, Reward-Based Community Messaging App

Social media has become the basis of the daily life of people. The way we eat food every day, in the same way, we have brought social media into our everyday lives. Social websites have become the first choice of people, and they spend many hours daily here. Social media is also being used to talk to friends and relatives. It is the easiest way to connect with new friends. On these websites, accounts of all types of small and big business are easily available which helps their customers to know about it in detail. Social media is not only famous among ordinary people, Actors, Artist, Singers & Leaders also accounts available there. Merchants also prefer social sites to promote their business. Looking at the increasing activity of the people, businessmen like to support their activities on social media sites. Technology is also one of the main reason for the rise in their growth. Today, mobile phones of all types are available in the market, so that every person can get mobile according to his income. The increasing productivity of mobile, social media is becoming more popular.
In fact, a lot of Social media users are now aiming at not making friends on social media but to make money from it. This led to a new definition of Social media; where users can earn with content, or for their activities. The change in Social media network proves how Science and Technology have developed. This shouldn’t be a new line to your hearing because we’ve seen how project owners are creating platforms that will definitely beat or had already surpassed the old type of social platforms one of which is the NESTREE platform.

It is quite important to note that influx of people into the cryptocurrency market has made an astronomical rise in the adoption of blockchain technology. Numerous supporters, investors from different field of professions and businesses around the world have embraced new technological innovation which has helped reshape the world. Basically the rise of cryptocurrency and subsequent attention brought to blockchain technology has prompted nearly every industry to evaluate the benefits of integrating the technology into their operations One firm at the forefront of this innovation is NESTREE.



Nestree is a blockchain based modernize Messenger that for social activities and rewarding of its users. Nestree blockchain is a dAPP platform that was incorporated with reward, social chatting, otc trading exchange, cryptocurrency wallet etc. This platform was initiated to optimize and maximize the utility and effectiveness of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Nestree platform is designed in such a way that members can earn from watching an ads and adverts in the community messenger app. To ensure transparency and fairness, NESTREE platform has allocated a particular reward to be earned from each and every ads available in the platform all its left to users is just to select whichever they preferred.

NESTREE app is also designed with an inbuilt wallet which means users can easily store their earned reward and other crypto-currency in the wallet. Tokens such as EGG, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, MAKER and BNB can be stored in the NESTREEE wallet. The brand new generation COMMUNITY MESSAGING apps (NESTREE) is also integrating crypto-currency wallets into its platform. This permits users to ship and obtain cash, just like messages, most effective freely or with minimal transaction and processing fees.


It is worth to note that NESTREE has already developed it’s product and it is completely available for download in Android and iOS platforms. With this you can readily install and start using the blockchain powered social messaging platform.

On the NESTREE platform you can enjoy all the messaging and social networking services with added security features. You can chat on encrypted network between friends, groups and communities. In order to keep the spirit and inspire people to be active in the platform NESTREE has a reward option which pays to users for their valuable contribution. NESTREE in turn offers an great engagement between advertisers and it’s users.


Cryptocurrency Wallet

The Nestree Messenger was incorporated with a multi-cryptocurrencies wallet. This means multi kind of blockchain coins and token can be stored. The users will be able to store their BTC, ETH, Ethereum based token, EOS, etc. Inside the Nestree wallet, you can store, send and receive token from other users or from other network.

Over the Counter (OTC) Trade

There is a feature in Nestree platform for the users to trade their cryptocurrency within themselves without going to exchange. A peer to peer trading with the Nestree being the escrow that supervise the process. It will start by the seller chose the assets he/she want to trade, valid time and request to trade and the trading will be executed immediately.


Users of the Nestree platform can send any kind of cryptocurrencies to his fellow friends and family. So if you want to send a token to other users, you choose the person, set the amount of cryptocurrency you want to send, enter your password and the sending process will be executed immediately.


The platform opens opportunity for everybody to get rewarded by contributing in one of the other to the platform.

It has different categories of earning reward in Nestree, which are:

By inviting friends to the platform
The Nestree platform the users of the platform by inviting others to the platform. The platform will reward people that invite others to the platform with their native token.

Here, there is a place on the Nestree Messenger for you to launch your product or services. So the users of this platform that watch those Ads will be rewarded.

“Besides the messenger service, Nestree also has other interesting features. P2P trade and marketplace.”

P2P trade
P2p trade allows users to be able to trade quickly and easily. All transactions processed will be secured by using Nestree Secure P2P. This is smart contact that allows transactions to be processed safely. So users don’t have to worry about their digital assets.

Channels on the Nestree platform allow participants to be able to sell and buy goods, services, and content in their channels.

Token Details

Egg is an erc-20 utility token that can be used by users as payment on the Nestree platform. Egg Tokens can be obtained in various ways such as activities in the channel including invitation rewards, content rewards, random rewards and advertisement rewards.

Token Symbol – EGG
Token Type – ERC20
Token Price – $0.01
Total Supply – 3,000,000,000

Token Distribution

20% Allocated to Token Sale
20% Allocated to Ecosystem
15% Allocated to Business Development
17% Allocated to Marketing
10% Allocated to Team and Founder
10% Allocated to Reserve
5% Allocated to Legal and Compliance
3% Allocated to Advisors



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