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The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new tasks. We have the greatest device on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a tremendous base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these undertakings is Network units, a way to deal with Decentralized multiplayer gaming and to give designers a basic technique to consolidate multiplayer helpfulness.


Network Unit likewise is known as NU is one route with the assistance of which the gaming scene can be decentralized.

To make it more particular, the gaming here is associated absolutely to multiplayer gaming. This makes it simple for the designers to consolidate a great deal of usefulness in a multiplayer fight. The stage will make open utilization of blockchain and alongside it the brilliant contract to make it much more adaptable for the specialist organizations and different proprietors.

All things considered, this will make it simple to share the distinctive unused assets and Bandwidth to fit another reason. The stage serves the gamers great and they will have all the entrance on the planet to mine tokens utilizing the stage and by removing cash in their wallet. Along these lines, they will wind up dynamic clients.

Eventually, Network Units will make a world that is ultra-quick and is completely controlled by blockchain.


The diverse issues that regularly fly up in the multiplayer gaming world include:

There is additionally a tremendous loss of income. This for the most part happens due to broken mechanics for and tricking.

The majority of the circumstances, a considerable measure of transmission capacity and assets having a place with our PC are not completely utilized. This is a purpose behind a considerable measure of issues.

On the off chance that the gamers are not appropriately boosted, they will lose their advantage and get exhausted before long.

A decent diversion swings up to a terrible one on the off chance that it isn’t administered legitimately. With a specific end goal to dispose of this, it is encouraged to utilize more than the required framework for the diversion propelling reason.

It’s anything but a simple employment to compose your own arrangement of system code for the coveted reason and furthermore overseeing it regularly ends up being a dreary activity. This can be extremely time to devour and surely exceptionally costly as well.


To dispose of the above issues, Network Units have a ton of good arrangement at the top of the priority list. They are as per the following.

The Framework of Network Unit is extremely solid and is exceptionally presumed also. This aides in disposing of deceiving and keeping up reasonableness for the longest conceivable time.

The assets that are unused are spent by Network Units for use reason. This is generally done to reestablish the framework.

As Network Unit is known for its uniqueness, it ensures that the gamers are given precisely what they merit. Thus, all the gamers who partake and interface their wallets to their gaming accounts are compensated by NU.

The Network Unit likewise deals with different individuals and guarantees the movement of different individuals to relocate to all the more vast servers that are accessible.

The Network Unit Developers won’t need to go through the inconvenience of composing a major bit of muddled codes.


The most intriguing thing about Network Unit is the measure of simplicity it gives to the clients in the stage. They have as of late expected to raise mining tokens because of which, the entire procedure turns out to be very adaptable, simple, and, likewise draw more than the required benefit. The distinctive choices include:

Sharing Utilities: This is a standout amongst the most unequivocal techniques utilized by NU. With the assistance of this, the general population inside the system can turn into a piece of Service Provider inside the whole system. The members will have level with chances to add to the procedure and additionally in the Infrastructure. All they are required to do is share their data transfer capacity and power.

Connecting of Accounts: The clients, who are a piece of the stage, will have full expert to utilize their wallets. This will assist the customers with becoming more dynamic and furthermore enable them to procure more tokens.

Key Features

System Units use unused assets for it’s multiplayer framework.

With NU engineers can be liberated of writing muddled system code and the foundation that drives it for a decreased cost.

Network Units is one of a kind as it rewards gamers that associate their wallets to their gaming accounts.

The NU Framework has a worked in notoriety framework to enhance reasonableness and help avert bamboozling.

The NU Platform can consistently relocate players to bigger servers.

The Network Unit Token

Clients with in excess of 10,000 NU tokens will have the capacity to procure more tokens by getting to be has or transfers by leasing their equipment

Engineers who wish to have a simple to coordinate, secure and stable multiplayer organize arrangement can lease the Network Units foundation utilizing NU tokens.

Engineers will get an offer of the punishments in the event that one of their hosts are punished. This will be granted in NU tokens

NU tokens will be tradable on trades

Dynamic Clients are the players that partake in the check procedure. They help to make the system more grounded and more secure. For their cooperation, they get a piece of the tokens granted to the masternode administrator, in view of their commitment.

Token Sale

The pre-sale of the Network Unit is already over. The cost of 1 ETH in the pre-sale was designated to 500 NU.

The minimum goal to reach for the pre-sale was 500 ETH.

The crowdsale of the Network began from 23rd December 2017 and will last until 21st January 2018. The rate of Network Tokens per ETH in the crowdsale is 500.

However, the hard cap of the crowdsale is 28,758,333 NU. The minimum goal of the ICO is 3333 ETH.

Event Details Presentation of Network Units

Presale Begins: November 8, 2017 1:00 PM UTC

Presale Expires: December 23, 2017 1:00 PM UTC

Cap Cap Presale: 10,000 ETH

Minimum Presale Cap: 500 ETH

Token Price: 1 ETH = 500 NU

Minimum Transaction Amount: 0.01 ETH

Distribution: Smart Contract is used to generate tokens directly after receiving ETH. Token base rate is transferred to the contributor’s wallet instantly. Presale Quantity Bonus Price will be released gradually after Crowdsale. The transfer is locked until the Crowdsale ends

Multiplier Bonus Quantity Presale

0–50 ETH = 35%

50–250 ETH = 40%

250 or greater = Contact Us

The participants can get a certain bonus and they are:

The bonus for the first day: 30%

Bonus for crowdsale Week 1: 15%

Bonus for crowdsale Week 2: 10 %

Bonus for crowdsale Week 3: 5 %



● Evil Badger Company Registration

● Release of Wood Smash 3D on iOS and Android


● Release of El Mirador on iOS and Android with Cardboard VR support

● Expansion to Holographic and VR Research & Development for applications, gaming and entertainment

● Experimentation of .netcore viability for multiplayer server functionality

Q1 2017

● Research into current Hosted Multiplayer Framework Solutions

● Research Optimization code for Dark Experiences on VR & Holo

Q2 2017

● UDP and RUDP library experimentations

● Zombie Mocap Development

● Spatial Mapping Implementation for HoloZombies

Q3 2017

● Bled of State Political Fighting Game Release to iOS and Android.

● Network Units Service Provider Application Proof of Concept Development

Q1 2018

● Initial Smart Contract Development for Verification Reputation

● Network Units Framework Proof of Concept Demo Release

● Acquire more Programmers as Contractors and/or Staff

Q2 2018

● UDP and RUDP library conversions to .netcore.

● Viability Studies of TCP integration.

● Initial Smart Contract Development for Active Client Verification

Q3 2018

● Initial Smart Contract Development for Masternode Staking

● Initial Release of Service Provider Application

Q4 2018

● Release Network Units Unity Asset with initial Real Time Action Networking functionality.

Q1 2019

● Blockchain Storage and Database viability research

● Flagship Title Release 1

Q2 2019

● Full Integration of Reliable RUDP and or TCP protocols

Q3 2019

● Flagship Title Release 2

Q4 2019

● Next Phase Release of Network Units Unity Asset with TCP and or RUDP functionality.

Q1 2020

● Flagship Title Release 3


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