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What Is AIS ?

The AIS Proje c t wi l l es t ab l i s h a cryptocurrency exchange in Mongolia. We will also provide an exchange platform coin with many features. The new exchange will, of course, improve the convenience and the reliability of existing services, but not only that, will offer the registered users a new cryptocurrency which will indeed function as a real financial asset. To accomplish this, we will be investing in Double Mining̶cryptocurrency mining business and real, resource mining
business. Furthermore, under the supervision of the central bank in Mongolia, we will establish a business affiliation with one of the major banks in Mongolia and operate an exchange under the existing laws of Mongolia. With the bank affiliation, we will be able to realize world-class, high-level security.
We will be providing service to exchange cryptocurrency to legal currency which
should allow for further asset utilization. Lastly, we would like to provide a

unique wallet application using AI technology full of future possibilities, for users around the world. A I
technology is already used in medical care, infrastructure, finance and banking, and the service sector.
Smartphones have already shown the possibilities of personal assistant and concierge service, and it is integrated into our daily lives. When registering at the exchange, the user will be asked to take a simple behavioral characteristic analysis test. This will allow the AI personal concierge to understand  the behavioral characteristic of every user. We are working hard to develop an AI personal concierge that can provide services for all of our users. Our mission is to establish a new cryptocurrency exchange in Mongolia, providing a native token with various feature and services, and produce an
AI Concierge system to help you navigate through the expanding cryptocurrency market.

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AIS Features


AIS token is a native coin for the cryptocurrency exchange AIS-X.

Resource mining

The new resource mining company will excavate gold, bronze, and coal but will specialize in mining rare metals.

Cryptocurrency Mining

The new cryptocurrency mining farm will excavate various cryptocurrencies using customized ASIC machines with measures risk hedging against the decline of mining efficiency.

Business Affiliation with Bank

We will house the cryptocurrency exchange within the bank’s inner server to provide maximum security.

AI Concierge

An AI Concierge that understands the behavioral characteristic of the user will be provided to help with everything from daily transactions to market trend analysis.


We plan to provide chat services at the cryptocurrency exchange.


Features of the Cryptocurrency Exchange From Mt. GOX to Coincheck, from the past to present, cryptocurrency exchange hacking has been a major problem. Even Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange has reports of hacking incidents. As you may already know, these hacking incidents are not the result of weaknesses found in blockchain technology used in cryptocurrencies but are the result of vulnerability found in the security systems of the exchange platforms. To protect the assets of NIEX, we have taken steps to provide the following
security measures:
・Two-step authentication
・ Multisig
・Password reinforcement
・Lock function for password
・Cold storage
・Mail access feature

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