#NEW – PLATFORM make money with games for mobile 2018

Good evening all friends, meet again with me han emily who in this opportunity I will share information with you all about GAMELOOT platform. Just go to the topic of my discussion below.

In this section at the beginning, the game industry (GameLootNetworK) PLATFORM provides an opportunity to make money in mobile devices and games for tablet devices. (GameLootNetworK) PLATFORM In network marketing, describes a unique new project which is a combination of passive income platform. I have your attention GameLootNetwork ‘is here for the company!

Gameloot network

Then, when the final project is completed, it will generate revenue for both developers and supporters. Therefore, an independent artist is to reduce costs, players earn revenue from games to help them.

Users can play games, or to organize tournament games, will have the opportunity to earn money.

Register to Loot Network Game. The registration fee is $ 125. For this you can get a “work tool” and a degree of Ambasador (GLN) as a calling partner).

Three people are invited. A $ 250 fee will be granted if your referral link is registered with 3 people.

Passive income from Game Loot Network.

When you complete the first two points, you earn $ 5 per day of passive income.

Simply put, this platform provides an opportunity to make money with games for mobile devices and tablet devices. Everyone knows Google Play store and App Store. One of the most successful products among them is gaming. Estimating the volume of this industry to billions of dollars a year, only grew. Game Loot Network enters this industry and decides to make money for himself and his partner.

Outlook for network game root

In my opinion, this project is very promising. First of all, it is due to passive income and competent limitations. Meanwhile, the root game network is a promising platform that clearly leads the gaming industry to a new level. Basic earnings are planned from contributions of new entrants ($ 125). And the project will be closed sooner or later. With such marketing, he can work for 2 to 3 years.

Please do not forget to consciously judge your strengths plus. Investing $ 125 is not a problem.

Token and ICO: token name: LOOT

holding company GLN Holdings, INC. (WY, USA)

SAFT Entity Loot Cove Co., LLC. (WY, USA)

Price: $ 1 = $ 0.35.

CAP sales target (STC) is

US $ 50,000,000,000 Maximum sales target (MST) 75 000 000, 00 US dollars

The total number of token routes is 600 000 000.

Fixed CAP Sign Flow Model rather than Inflation

Open Sales Period: May 29, 2018 Start

Public period sold for 230 days.



Website: https://gamelootnetwork.com/

Whitepaper: https://0ed5f89f718b.dev.daviann.com/assets/documents/gameloot-whitepaper.pdf

Onepager: https://0ed5f89f718b.dev.daviann.com/assets/documents/gameloot-onepager.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gamelootnetwork

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gamelootnetwork/

Medium: https://medium.com/@gamelootnetwork

Telegram: https://t.me/gamelootnetwork_ico


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