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NEWC is a service token that will appear at a very attractive price, and its long-term assessment potential is real. NEWC token will be used in cryptocurrency trading on the New Cash Exchange platform. This means possible discounts on the payment of negotiations, as well as funds for the purchase of products, courses and events created or promoted by the platform. NEWC token will facilitate practical access to the world of cryptocurrencies and will contribute to the development, training and promotion of this new technology.

NEWC is an ERC-20 token created on the Ethereum platform, so all project security and technology meet high quality standards. NEWC token will also serve as currency for projects that want to place their own tokens on the company’s platform, and will be a bonus for active exchange users in certain campaigns.

The NEWC team confirms its commitment to work on the inclusion of a token in other exchanges in order to offer more opportunities for the project in terms of liquidity, market, accessibility and increasing its potential value. The goal is to reach NEWC’s reach beyond the regional boundaries and somehow have a positive impact on the global market.

NEWC will have its own utility related to the New Cash Exchange, so that everyone who registers on the site will be able to use the same email address and password to automatically log in to the New Cash Exchange.

As soon as the client suddenly decides to block his currency in exchange for preferential tariffs on the platform, he will be able to cancel this option at any time, but NEWC tokens will be released only 30 days after the withdrawal request. However, the discount ceases to apply from the time of the request. This tariff plan is valid for one year after the end of the sale of tokens. After that, it can be changed, expanded or canceled at the discretion of the New Cash Exchange. If this plan is terminated, NEWC tokens will be automatically returned to the client’s wallet.

By sending a referral link to other people, NEWC users will receive commissions paid to New Cash for each purchase made by their referrals, in percentages that can reach 15% of the purchase price, depending on the amount of NEWC they own in their portfolio.

The current team of New Cash Exchange has begun its work with cryptocurrencies working in P2P Bitcoin trading, as well as in software development. New Cash has developed its platform codes from scratch, which avoids the dependence of any third party on the operation of the exchange. Their technology meets the needs and desires of the modern and innovative market. From the point of view of management, security and transparency, the company’s team works endlessly and always attentive to all details of the development and maintenance of the platform.

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