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Millions of people send parcels around the world every day. However, there is a high probability that the sender will face problems with expensive delivery services, delays and high risks of loss or damage to goods. Customs and postal services can cause a wide range of problems, ranging from excessive paper tyrant to theft. At the same time, these services can not boast of high efficiency and speed of work: sometimes deliveries are carried out with a delay from all reasonable terms. In addition, governments often charge various shipping fees and taxes that are inexplicable to the sender.

Commercial courier companies are also not ideal. It is worth noting that courier services and parcel delivery services are forced to hire a large number of people, cars and equipment, as well as take care of insurance policies for their activities. All this leads to more than significant costs, which will ultimately be borne by customers.

Delivery and courier delivery services often cannot deliver a parcel directly from point A to point B. They are forced to resort to the services of transit nodes, which create even more threats and risks. Naturally, an increase in the number of intermediary and courier companies involved does not increase the responsibility of each of the parties involved.

SHIPIT is a symbiosis of the best ideas and practices of courier, crowdsourcing and transportation services. The project synthesized the best business practices in order to create a revolutionary and unique service.

This is the first application of its kind that uses smart contracts and blocking as a native tool to facilitate people’s lives around the world. Implementing the block system, the developers want to build relationships between the participants on the basis of transparency and security, which should be the goal of any system. Integrating the crypto-purse, they want to save the application from any problems and limitations associated with the transactions of fiat.

The aim of the project is to create an alternative platform for express delivery, based on the principles of a shared economy, detachment and transport services.

Despite current difficulties, the global market for courier delivery and delivery of parcels is constantly evolving and provides carrier companies with billions in revenue.

The industry of courier and express delivery is growing at 1% per year for the last five years from 2012 to 2017. IBISWorld experts expect that demand for courier services will continue to grow over the next five years by 2022. This is due to the growth in consumer spending and demand for goods.

Many companies are going to turn to cargo transportation air media in order to provide out-of-time delivery for customers. Almost 3 million people and 600,000 companies on the market. The market size of the industry currently stands at $ 240 billion.

Every year the number of start-ups contributing to the division of the economy and attraction of investments is growing. Investors’ interest in new functions and opportunities that can be offered by joint consumption. The exchange of goods and services, barter, rent makes people think not only about what they get but also about how they get it.

According to TIME’s far-sighted article, joint consumption is one of 10 ideas that will change the world over the next 10 years. This is a new socio-economic model that will change the consumption of services and goods. Although, there are prominent players in some sectors of the economy sharing, such as Airbnb in travel, ZipCar in the carse, Uber in the taxi – the transport services market is still at the very beginning.

The Shipit application is simple and intuitive. Just take a picture of the product you want to send using the smartphone’s camera, points A and B for travelling your cargo, set the size, the cost of the goods and the price you are willing to pay for shipping.

The system compares the input data with the data of travellers and chooses the best matches. Communicate with the candidates, choose the best option for the transfer of your goods and track it on delivery.

Shipit checks its users and monitors all deliveries that ensure safe delivery. The interactive interface simplifies and speeds up the whole process. The user is free from any fears about missing something important.

All personal data of the user is hashed and safely stored on the block, afterwards, it does not receive the hash since it cannot be identified. The user’s hash includes its personal credentials. Even if one account is deleted and another account is created, the system finds coincidences of the data by obvious or subtle characteristics and restores the User’s personal record.

Thus, the blocking discipline disciplines the users of the application. Any serious violation of system rules can cause the user’s account to be permanently locked. The constant desire to provide quality service makes Shipit a client-oriented product.

Integration of crypto-purse allows users to quickly perform transactions. Appropriate payment methods by Fiat create certain barriers and adversely affect the scalability of the project. In order for an application to be able to process financial transactions between people from different countries of residence, developers often have to undergo certain lengthy and expensive bureaucratic procedures, as required by some government agencies. That’s why creating your own crypto-purse and currency is the best solution. We want to further promote the technology of blocking, creating a very useful product and providing freedom of payment.

The neural network automates many processes, eliminates the impact of human error and minimizes human participation in monitoring.

Reasons for the integration of neural networks:

As the application gets more traction, the need for new algorithms for rapid and automated element monitoring becomes more and more significant. All photos should be analyzed, items hidden in bags or boxes should be found and rejected by the system, the counterparts should be eliminated, as well as attempts at fraud or spam. There will always be incorrectly created lists and the system should learn how to find them by comparing history logs in order to successfully prevent them in the future. The system should be able to find suspicious users who may have already violated the rules, but regained registration, for some obvious and subtle characteristics. There is also a need for finding travel models, predicting future travel of travellers and notifying potentially interested senders.

Having deduced all the shortcomings of courier services, as well as other crowding start-ups, Shipit developed a business model that will successfully implement the best solutions. Low financial and time costs for delivery are advantageous delivery features.

Guaranteed delivery, efficiency and fulfilment of obligations are courier services. Smart contracts, decentralization and crypto-purse are the advantages of blocking. The project team created a unique schematic that would make the product revolutionary.

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