NHCT: Blockchain Powered Ecosystems for Total Health

NHCT is the stage of aggregate welfare administration based on preventive rationality as opposed to active therapy. They use the blockchain to overcome the underlying problems that are suffering from current medical services such as high costs, information discontinuity, and information security.

NHCT uses Blockchain to create a leading and decentralized biological health and health system. Presentations of scattered records allow NHCT to encourage:

  • Enhanced Data Protection
  • Data Exchange without Buckle
  • Information integrity with the use of sharp contracts
  • Encouraged Engagement using Tokens.

By presenting scattered notes, NHCT can encourage better information assurance, frictionless information trading, Integrity information with the use of intelligent contracts and increased commitment to use Tokens. NanoHealth won a respected HULT prize in 2014 and collected $ 1 million in seed funding. Lately, NHCT has also been selected among the six best new businesses for the RICH Cancer Innovation Challenge in India.


The NHCT platform will benefit all participants in the ecosystem including users who will be motivated to comply with the schedule and focus on their health and well-being and will be given tokens for every positive action. Paying profits from reduced claims due to low health problems among users. While providers can obtain data produced by high-quality users through subsidies are given tokens.


NHCT has an original 3-level token design that encourages their clients to stay stable and fit. Relying on their association, clients get Wawa, Warma or NHCT, which will then be used to buy welfare administration such as rec centers and so on. This makes a wise cycle for every member of the biological community.

Technical Info

Hyperledger deals with every extraordinary substance, their work and exclusive calculations for administration and expectations of social insurance. Open the Ethereum blockchain to monitor the NHCT utility token. The mix of storage administration techniques depends on information bundled with IPFS, DDMS and the local Blockchain store.

Do you want to know more about the ICO of NHCT project? You can learn more about the Whitepaper or visit the official site at https://www.nhct.io/

The official NHCT community

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