It is no longer news how Blockchain technology has been used in several fields, the medical and health sectors has encountered huge transformation since the recent advancement in Blockchain innovations, this brings me to NHCT this is a project that focus on health management, as the popular saying “HEALTH IS WEALTH” The project uses blockchain to counter systemic issues lingering in the present day healthcare sectors, such problems as high cost, time consumption and lack of data security.

The technology sector is progressively observing a chance to apply its aptitude in data aggregation, analytic examination, data mining and software to healthcare. Innovation organizations are proceeding to move into the healthcare space, acquiring new thoughts and alternatives request to help enhance the personal satisfaction.

The Healthcare sector has recorded a high increase in cost of data management especially in the North Americas and Europe other parts of the world. It is on this background NHCT project evolved; The atmosphere of NHCT uses Nano Health, token utility that rewards triumphers with an attested record of amending fitness.

Blockchain Powered Ecosystem

The NHCT token was one of the sponsors of the event, being a launch participant of ICO. It is simply a bionetwork alimented by a chain of blocks concerned with the provision of comprehensive health. It accentuates individualizing health care for us and ascertaining that health care techniques are not only operational, but withal well organized.

According to Praveen Dwarkanath, the bellwether of the ecosystem pattern in NanoHealth, they are doing everything possible to ascertain that NHCT is a reference ICO. The manufacturer takes pleasure in the authenticity that he no longer relishes the different ICO clinics, but that they are the only ones that manage to engender 100 pc certified wellness data.

The company’s three-tier token information protocol makes it likely that they will incentivize buyers for every move they make while working to increment their health, such as going to authentic body games and receiving periodic salubrity checkups.

The NHCT workforce verbalized on the court that personal investors could get a tip as well as a single rate auspice. They have been prosperous in accumulating commitments worth $ 2 million for the personal sales period. Clinton Global Initiative has been supported by the NanoHealth Global Initiative.

Base on the finding i made about NHCT, it was revealed that within four years, NanoHealth has been able to improve and control NCDs, such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity, for more than 75,000 people.

It will interest you to know how the NHCT ecosystem operate, it uses the following properties inherent in the blockchain technology:

1. Improved data protection.

2. Standardized seamless data exchange through distributed registries.

3. Integration of applications and tools using intelligent contracts.

4. Stimulate the interaction of data sources.



The initial coin offering is ongoing, main sale started on the 16th November, 2018, fund raised from the tokensale will be channelled into development of the NHCT platform, please use only the official website https://www.nhct.io/ to purchase the token.

Token Unit – NanoHealthCare Token

Token Type – ERC20

Symbol – NHCT

Soft cap – $ 1,000,000

Hard cap – $ 9,000,000

Total tokens – 1,000,000,000

Base Price – $ 0.032

Available for sale tokens – 35% of the total number of tokens


Even though there are other numerous blockchain projects focusing on healthcare sector, NHCT project seems to be the best because the project tries to look into solving real time systemic diseases that individuals suffers without cure, infact NHCT will bring about transformation in the global healthcare field. I urge my readers to read more details about the project in the White Paper.


Website: https://www.nhct.io/

Medium: https://medium.com/nhct-nanohealth-care-token

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NanoHealth1

Telegram: https://t.me/Nohohealth


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