NHCT – Nano HealthCare Token Powered By Blockchain Ecosystem For Total Health Service

I will put you through this reliable project NanoHealthCare Token and to find out the benefits of this Project, Here are the few Reviews we will talk about.

NanoHealthCare Token (NHCT) is a blockchain based cryptocurrency healthcare ecosystem platform which will introduce the concept of ‘Total Health.’ Our ecosystem connects users, medical and wellness service providers and insurance firms for personalizing health care to be more effective, reliable, efficient, and transparent.

Problems today with Health and Wellness ecosystem is the Doctor does not know, what are we eating, our wellness guide is not aware of the medicine that we are taking, and the pharmacist has no clue if we are getting our regular checkups done or not, data storage. Each of the players in the ecosystem have different ways of storing data and some even don’t store it.

Currently, NanoHealth created the best and incredible NanoHealthCare Token (NHCT) ecosystem that it’s goal of the NanoHealthCare Token (NHCT) ecosystem is to provide benefits for someone to stay healthy and fit. Keeps up the medical record of an individual right. Builds an ecosystem of healthcare services with insurers, providers, researchers, scientists, and patients for the exchange of medical data in a steady and secure way.

Utilizes a demonstrated computerized reasoning motor that uses the medicinal information to prescribe customized exercises to enhance wellbeing. Offers token-based impetuses to supp ort investment in the wellbeing centered network. Motivates the developer community to fabricate coordinated applications inside the ecosystem.

Personalize Healthcare for an Individual, Incentive’s users to be fit and healthy, Focusing on their Total Health Giving AI based recommendations for preventive care, Making health systems more effective and efficient, Leveraging Health Coaches to drive continuous care, Enabling safe and secure health data storage, Creating verified data for personalized plans and research.

Token name: NanoHealthCare Token
Token Types: ERC20
symbol: NHCT
Fundraising goal: $ 1,000,000 (soft cap) / $ 9,000,000 (hard hats)
Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000 NHCT
base price: 1NHCT = 0.032 dollars
tokens available for sale 35% of the total token


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