NODVIX: A Decentralized Blockchain-fueled Arrangement that Significantly Changes the Computerized Br


Before we discuss how to use the NODVIX feature, I will first explain this NODVIX project a little bit because I read NODVIX, a 24-hour P2P broadcast platform designed to display interesting video content that concerns unlimited interests. NODVIX is a set of open-source, real-time, video content platform designed to reduce the restrictions found on the broadcast market by $ 1.7 trillion today.

NODVIX has provided you with a solution that works from a decentralized blockade that significantly changes the digital world for content creators, advertisers, and viewers. The lack of KYC, government censorship and ease of entry for new content makers create a unique environment for true freedom of speech. Advertisers benefit from sponsored content that is relevant to their business by paying a small fraction of what the market requires, since traditional networks account for an average of $ 394,000 in 30 seconds of media.

NODVIX is an ecosystem for distributing media content amongst all

based Peer-to-Peer Internet Network (P2P) technology. Therefore,

NODVIX can reduce the cost of scaling the platform and provide significant benefits to traditional centralized broadcasting and media hosting providers as outlined in this document.

NODVIX is a multimedia content that organizes its own, equitable, decentralized and anonymous platform with an open source of continuous online broadcasting, using crypto-own currency as a service charge. The concept of the project is to provide continuous broadcast of a variety of unique media content: from music to science-pop shows, uncensored or biased, where everyone can be part of the broadcast.


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They give a decentralized blockchain-fueled arrangement that significantly changes the computerized broadcasting world for substance creators, sponsors, and watchers alike. The nonappearance of KYC, administrative restriction and simplicity of passage for new substance producers makes a remarkable situation for genuine the right to speak freely. Publicists profit by supporting substance applicable to their business while paying a small amount of what the market requests.

NODVIX has provided a solution for you, which is powered by a decentralized blockchain that greatly changes the world of digital broadcasting for your content creators, advertisers and viewers. The absence of KYC, government censorship and ease of entry for new content makers creates a unique environment for true freedom of speech. Advertisers benefit from sponsoring content that is relevant to their business while paying a small portion of what the market demands because traditional networks charge an average of $ 394,000 per 30 seconds of media.


Incorporated control and Corruption

Foundation cost

Essential issue of disappointment


Imposing business model of current telecom administrations

High commissions

Low nature of substance.


A distributed (p2p) hub organize that reports to no focal proprietor, constraining the capacity for the experts to ask for sifting.

A hub organizes that, when utilizing middle of the road peers, enables information to exchange between two clients that is end-to-end scrambled. No manager of a unified server can capture a client’s information.

A hub shares a small amount of their PC memory, processor control, circle space and transfer speed with the p2p hub arrange, decreasing the concentrated expenses to zero while paying the hubs through commissions.

A system that shares documents through a hub framework to make a mind boggling layer of repetition.

A system that scales framework assets naturally with client development. A system fit for dealing with activity tops caused by the sudden ubiquity of substance (political occasions, calamity news) that can scale the quantity of reserved duplicates of prevalent substance as per the changing interest progressively.


NODVIX is an environment for media content dissemination among the majority of the members, in light of Peer-to-Peer Internet Network (P2P) innovation. NODVIX can diminish stage scaling costs and give huge advantages over customary unified communicated sources and media facilitating, as featured in this report.

NODVIX is media content that sorts out its own, distributed, decentralized and mysterious stage with open source nonstop web based telecom, utilizing crypto claim money as installment for administrations. The idea of the venture is to give nonstop communicating of different special media content: from music to famous science appears, without restriction or predisposition, where everybody can be a piece of the communicate.



Decentralized Peer-to-Peer broadcasting and substance stockpiling that is exceptionally impervious to control, predisposition, and blocking

Automatic substance administration and adaptation of media empowered through the usage of “Deluge Nodes”

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Simple and unlimited access for all market members without any impediments put on geographic area or administrative control

Free, impartial access for promoters and substance creators

A legit division of pay to video content makers, distributers, and publicists




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