Revolutionary Peer-To-Peer For The Africa Movie Industry

Third world cinema industry is now beginning to develop, especially Africa, needed a platform that can solve problems arising from these developments.

Nollytaiment Project

The Nollytainment project is a new and revolutionary Peer-To-Peer creative works sharing and registry System for the Movie industry in the 3rd world countries, particularly Africa.

Nollycoin allows movie producers and their collaborators to license their content as a “coded contract” directly to a decentralized database called a “blockchain”. Nollycoin is the first digital currency designed to use blockchain technology to solve a wide range of problems and complexities at various stages of film financing, creation and distribution of the creative works in Nollywood, world’s 2nd most prolific Movie industry and other 3rd world movie industries. At its core, the blockchain is a distributed ledger that can validate and register transactions without the need for a central authority.

Some Of The Movie Industry Problems Nollytainment Will Solve Nollycoin

Some of the direct and immediate ways the Nollycoin project will address specific problems in the industry include:

  • Provide A Peer to Peer Content Distribution Platform that provides direct micro-payments to content owners and Provide Access to Financing and Capital to 3rd World Movie Producers to produce qualitative movies for the international market.
  • Provide Copyright piracy protection through a decentralized ledger system
  • Provide Multi-Level World Wide di st r ibut ion to just ify financial investment
  • Enable Fa i r Compens at ion for collaborators in creating the movies
  • Provide Universal means of exchange for Nollywood and 3rd world movies that eliminates forex payment problems and limitations.
  • Provide top Financial Backing for some of the best Producers in the Nollywood to produce quality international films for enjoyment of our ecosystem and global group of African movie lovers

With both NollyTV and Nollycoin working in tandem in a new Nollytainment ecosystem, new permanent solutions are now applied to age-old problems in the movie industry as follows:

  1. With NollyTV Platform, Creative Artistes can now list their contents under a smart contract that recognized the agreed-upon compensation structure and copyrights of all collaborators in the movie production process
  2.  All Creative contributors get paid directly by buyers without any 3rd party intervention
  3. Movie Viewers and buyers will make direct micro payments to different creative copyright content owners’ wallets, the decentralized ledger will verify transactions and beneficiaries, and everyone recognized in the smart contract will all get paid simultaneously without any 3rd party involvement
  4. Collaborators copyright and compensation rights under the smart contract can NEVER be altered or changed by anyone and no 3rd parties will be needed to enforce it.

Purpose Of The Nolly Coin

The following the purpose of Nolly Coin:

  • Provide copyright protection and solve piracy issues
  • Provide universal means of exchange for Nollywood movies
  • Provide top financial backing for some of the best Producers in the Nollywood to
  • Provide multi-level world wide distribution to justify financial investment
  • To provide access to financing and capital to product qualitative movies
  • Enable fair compensation for collaborators in creating the movies

Nollycoin also offers a lot of win-win opportunities to stakeholder in the Entertaimen industry except the pirates and copyright thieves. Here are some solution  and opportunities that nollycouon is bringing into the intertaiment ecosystem

  • Hard working movie producer win
  • Collaborators and creative artistes in the movie production chain win
  • Movie financiers and stakeholder in each complete movie win
  • Open and transparent record-keeping ledger for all stakeholder
  • Big open data on Nollycoin blockchain can also lead to more intelligent movies and othe creative work recomendation

Short-Term Projects Over Next 12 Months

Nollycoin hve short-term project that is:

  1. Nollycoin wallet :   an application used to store and transact Nollycoin with other users.
  2. Nolly trading exchange :  a peer-to-peer crypto currency exchange.
  3. Finance of movies : Nollycoin token is conceived and designed as a pass-key to our Nollywood based products.

Future Projects

Nollycoin have future projects after 1st year that is:

  • Nollytainment shopping mall
  • Nollytainment mobile tv
  • Nollycoin vouchers
  • Nollytainment tours

The 3 Core objectives behind the Nollycoin Token sale are:

  • To build a blockchain powered peer-to-peer Content Delivery Platform with Nollycoin as the primary medium of exchange.
  • Along with raising funds for our next-generation content distribution platform, we are also using our token sale to set up a fund for creating and acquiring a slate of exclusive interna Blockbuster films to attract users to our platform.
  • To provide opportunities for our project supporters with opportunities to acquire tokens that will provide tangible utility for them beyond the normal holding and trading activities in the tokens they get for supporting our project.

 Nollytainment main selling points

The main selling points of the Nollytainment/Nollycoininitiative are as follows:

  • Nollytainment brings innovative Solutions to major problems that have limited the potential and expansion of Nollywood and 3RD World movie Industries.
  • Nollytainment Team of Founders, Executives and Advisory Boards include top executives with decades of experience in managing major business projects and in bringing timely and innovative solutions to different industries including Entertainment, Business, and Stock Trading etc.
  • Nollytainment have put together a solid Team and Network of Partners with Creative Talents and Movie Executive experience to help us achieve the vision
  • Nollytainment have put together a solid Technical Team in Web development and Cryptocurrency and who have been involved in all levels of the cryptocurrency world, including mining, token development, trading, and networking with like-minded individuals and communities.
  • Nollytainment have a Solid Marketing Plan And Marketing Team with requisite experience to increase the value and utility of our Project – Our current association and partnership with Top Influencers in African Movies on Social Media have combined followership of over 50,000,000 followers.


Crowd Sale Details

The crowd sale of NollyCoin Tokens will consist of five 5 different stages based on time and date. The Following is a chart depicting the pricing.

1 NOLLY = 0.000025

Eth Minimum Participation Purchase: 0.10 ETH [3,200 NOLLY] T

Total Softcap ~ 2,000 ETH

Total Hardcap ~ 6,000 ETH

Total Token Allocation: 500,0,00,000

Total Offered For Sale: 350,000, 00, 0 [70%]

Total Reserved For Founders: 97,500,000 [19.5%]

Total Reserved For Partners : 27,500,000 [5.5%]

Total For Bounties/Airdrops: 25,000,000 [5.0%]

Minimum cap  : $2,000,000

Maximum cap  : $6,000,000


Technical Development Team

Business And Strategy Advisory Board

Movie Directors Advisory Team

This is the great platform for movies industry. If you interested, you can visit:




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