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Using the Mobile Mining containers from NordCoin, you can effectively solve many problems related to mining crypto-currency, making this procedure more simple.
New innovative technology helps to increase hashreit, reduce energy supply and rental costs, which will make the process of crypto – currency mining much more cost-effective. The stand-alone version of the deployment of crypto-mining farms with remote control NordCoin is based on the use of standard cargo containers with a carrying capacity of 40 feet, for which there is an easy possibility of moving to different points of the globe in order to ensure mining the most suitable conditions. Container boxes themselves underwent a certain modernization for the most convenient placement of modular housing equipment and power supplies for production of various crypto – currencies and providing the best crypto – mining conditions for a wide variety of systems and under all weather conditions.
The equipment for the Mobile Mining Container platform is under the constant control of the CCTV system, which carries its specialized security guard around the clock, while the system equipment is limited only to specially trained authorized personnel. Security in NordCoin is given paramount importance.
NordCoin’s technical and maintenance personnel ensure the continued safety of your investments, ensuring the highest profits in crypto operations – currency mining. With the help of specialized application software, the entire cycle of the digital currency extraction process is continuously monitored.
Standard NordCoin containers easily and quickly move to the most suitable points on the globe, where you can provide the most cost-effective process for the production of crypto currency, with the possibility of scaling it when necessary. Immediately after connecting the electrical power and establishing a fast and reliable Internet connection, the mining process will be started automatically.

About the project team:

The project NordCoin was born in Estonia, a country known for its favorable treatment for young startup companies, especially in the field of information and high technologies. The company plans to first deploy its platform in the Nordic and Baltic countries. For starters, it is planned to activate no more than 30 MMC containers, due to the full operation of which a net monthly profit of about $ 45,000 should be achieved in the crypto currency from each container. In case of confirmation of the initial design data obtained from the experimental operation of the project, the further number of containers will be proportionally increased, based on proven requirements, and the range of action of the NordCoin platform should extend beyond the Baltic and Scandinavian peninsula to the size of the European continent,
The team includes leading Estonian IT specialists and specialists in blockchain, top managers, leading economists and experienced businessmen.
The executive committee included well-known top managers and leading successful businessmen: Hermes Brambat, Joel Mitt.
The well-known and internationally recognized advisers are invited to help the project: Rauno Kinkar, Addi Rull, Kazuteru Arimura, Kristjan Novitski.
With worldwide patterns changing so rapidly, customary crypto-ranches lose aggressiveness. By being stuck in one area, they are in danger of missing out to vitality valuing changes, and in addition being administered by neighborhood restraining infrastructures which can confine ideal power costs in the long haul. Crypto-mining tasks are regularly compelled to make exchange offs to working productivity and scale, so they can fence dangers related with geological and political factors outside of their control.
The remain solitary form of the arrangement of crypto-mining ranches with remote control NordCoin depends on the utilization of standard load holders with a conveying limit of 40 feet, for which there is a simple probability of moving to various purposes of the globe to guarantee mining the most appropriate conditions. Holder boxes themselves experienced a specific modernization for the most advantageous arrangement of measured lodging hardware and power supplies for generation of different crypto – monetary forms and giving the best crypto – digging conditions for a wide assortment of frameworks and under every single climate condition.
NordCoin’s specialized and upkeep faculty guarantee the proceeded with security of your ventures, guaranteeing the most noteworthy benefits in crypto activities – cash mining. With the assistance of specific application programming, the whole cycle of the computerized cash extraction process is constantly checked.
NordCoin’s Mobile Mining Containers wrap up the troubles of individual crypto-mining forms and changes it into a basic, clear administration. We trust that future crypto-mining tasks ought to be decentralized, portable and autonomous from any single government, and put in a locale with an overflow of power generation.
Our Mobile Mining Container innovation intercedes hash rate, cost of vitality and cost of room, which ordinarily influences the gainfulness of crypto-mining activities. Our independent, remote-controlled, crypto-mining arrangement depends on a standard 40ft cargo compartment which can be transported anyplace on the planet in quest for ideal mining conditions.
The Nordcoin Mining group has built up the Mobile Mining Container (MMC) in light of a reasonable arrangement of improvement standards and rules:
In each period of NordCoin crypto-mining process security is the most astounding need. MMC sending areas have 24h kept an eye on security, video and sound reconnaissance. Just personnell approved by NordCoin approach our mining an area and hardware.

about the assignment group

The mission NordCoin became born in Estonia, a rustic regarded for its favorable remedy for young startup companies, specifically in the subject of facts and high technology. The business enterprise plans to first installation its platform inside the Nordic and Baltic countries. For starters, it’s miles planned to prompt no greater than 30 MMC bins, due to the whole operation of which a net monthly earnings of approximately $ 45,000 must be carried out inside the crypto foreign money from each container. In case of confirmation of the preliminary layout information obtained from the experimental operation of the mission, the further quantity of containers can be proportionally extended, primarily based on demonstrated requirements, and the variety of motion of the NordCoin platform need to enlarge past the Baltic and Scandinavian peninsula to the size of the eu continent,
This team has an IT specialist and Estonian specialists present in blockchain, top managers, leading economists, and experienced businessmen.
The executive committee includes several top well-known managers and successful entrepreneurs: Hermes Brambat, Joel well as internationally renowned and internationally recognized advisers are invited to assist the project: Rauno Kinkar, Addi Rull, Kazuteru Arimura, Kristjan Novitski.


About token and ICO parameters

General information

Name token: NRDC
Used prototype: ETH
Used: ERC 20
Released tokens: 12900000 NRDC
Before public auction: 1 NRDC = $ 1
Accepted in: ETH, LTC, BTC, Bank payment cards.
Lower fee: $ 1,000,000.
Upper fee: $ 12.9 million.
The start of the ICO – July 16, 2018
The last day of the ICO – August 16, 2018

Rewardable bonuses:

From 1 to 5 – 10%
From 6 to 30 – 0%

Distributions of coins:

advisers – 3%;
bounty – 2%;
for teams and co-founder – 10%
For the holder of tokens – 85%
Distribution of ICO funds:
on administration – 2.5%;
for the purchase and deployment of Clusters Mining Mobile (MMCs) – 90%
for the development of the project -7.5%
More Information can be found on the links:
Bitcointalk profil :;u=2002666

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