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The exchange rate between currencies is the amount of a currency that is given to get another currency. Exchange rates are determined by various rules, both exchange rates and rules themselves can change. Changes in exchange rates or exchange rates between currencies can have a large influence on sales, costs, profits and welfare of individuals. In addition to the complications of exchange rates, other special and unique international problems that arise arise from the opportunities and risks involved in investing and borrowing abroad. Therefore, the sub-sector of international finance focuses on the problems facing managers when exchange rates change and when they are involved in investment or loans abroad.

We have built a platform with honest news.
Each Notm platform element will have a high level of protection.

  • Automatic income calculation
  • Geolocation Check (GPS and LBS)
  • News is protected by consensus
  • Scalability
  • Effective advertising recommendations

What is the Notm Exchange?
Notm Exchange is a service for exchanging Notm tokens with fiat money and vice versa.

This service will have low trading costs, easy-to-use mobile applications, synchronization with bank accounts, Triple account protection, No commission to enter and withdraw tokens, and Margin trading.

Thanks to the synchronization of bank accounts and accounts for exchanging Notm, users will be able to directly convert tokens into fiat money and pay for goods or services with a credit card.

After you enter our ecosystem, you can manage everything. Anyone who has a smartphone and internet connection can use Platform Notm and Notm exchanges

With a smartphone and internet connected, you get access to all Notm ecosystem functions. Your account at Notm exchange will be synchronized with your bank account, so you can pay for goods and services with Notm payment cards with instant conversions.

  • Buy and sell tokens
  • Payment card notm (instant token conversion)
  • Creation, correction, and supplementary news
  • Participation in consensus (Geolocation confirmed)
  • Placement of advertising recommendations

Hasil gambar untuk notm platform token


ICO Notm Token will be released based on Ethereum. Therefore we get all the necessary infrastructure, which is already available for the Ethereum network.

February 18, 2019 (10:00 am CET)

Number of tokens sold
10,620,000,000 NOTM (59%)

December 27, 2019 (23:59 CET)

Token exchange rate
0.01 USD = 1 NOTM

ETH that is acceptable

Minimum transaction amount
100 USD

Hasil gambar untuk notm platform token



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