NOVAM — Distributed Cybersecurity for IoT

NOVAM uses dispersed ledger technology and AI to automatically track and mitigate IoT threats from the boot string, operating system, mobile application, and network. NOVAM also provides auditing & regulatory compliance integration to threat detection and monitoring services to guarantee system events are contained within an immutable distributed ledger. NOVAM is the first Artificial Intelligence driven cybersecurity program using DLT to increase the accuracy of its health check. NOVAM not only finds anomalies but also fixes them to boost your tech-immunity system, and even eliminates risks without previous knowledge of current danger. Using machine learning and probabilistic mathematics, we plan to give a security system that’s ever-alert, always present and device agnostic. NOVAM was motivated by the human immune system to alter the way we think about cyber safety, in an agnostic, autonomous, self-detecting, self-healing strategy. NOVAM intention is to protect IoT apparatus in connected environments with connectivity, security, scalability, and interoperability in mind.

NOVAM monitors whole networks, infrastructures and end points to establish seamless perspectives of global communications and dangers. NOVAM protects endpoints and networks by monitoring and mitigating risks automatically on the international Internet of Things (IoT) devices. NOVAM functions at the bootloader level linking IoT apparatus to the blockchain to ensure through the hash which the operating system and hardware are uncompromised. Using machine learning, probabilistic math, and additional techniques, NOVAM’s system will behave without previous knowledge of the threat, to track, individuality, alert and sometimes initiate an immune system reaction to mechanically remove, replace or quarantine the threat.

A NOVAM token is employed as a software license to document health checks, authenticate a chain of trust, and mitigate risks while enabling legal, regulatory compliance and auditing capabilities. Using patent-pending technology, the program allows for single observation and safety identification across all IoT devices and surroundings at any particular time. NOVAM’s health checks allow users, apparatus, and applications to confirm that software packages and hardware elements are uncompromised and unmodified by malware or other cyber threats, across the whole safe boot chain and run-time onto a device. An immune system created to protect endpoints and networks by monitoring and mitigating risks automatically on the worldwide Internet of Things (IoT) apparatus, NOVAM not only finds anomalies but also fixed them to improve your tech-immunity system. As electronic development forces us to rethink what they know about cybersecurity and changes in electronic landscape continue to introduce to new dangers, NOVAM protects companies, organizations, and individuals with a self-healing platform that is designed to improve tolerance as needed. Every message sent through NOVAM is digitally signed with the private key of the NOVAM node. All internode traffic is encrypted with TLS. This ensures that eavesdroppers can’t intercept the message — also, guarantees that every note is from the speech that claims to have sent it.

NOVAM plans to target big businesses by creating partnerships with security providers, hardware and applications for compliance and unchanging investigations, including ledgers dispersed in IoT devices and corporate networks for monitoring and mitigation solutions throughout the review of our health systems that awaiting a patent choice.

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