NOVAM – Distributed Cybersecurity For IoT

The Problem

Cybercrime is a crime that can threaten an individual, company, and government. This crime has been around for a long time and along with the development of technology, cybercrime is also growing, making this crime more difficult to detect. Cybercrime can occur through mobile device exploitation, phishing, human error, and social media. This crime results in leakage of sensitive data or information which results in financial loss and misuse of personal information to the victim.

At present, cybercrime is not just stealing data but changing or manipulating data. Insiders who have official access and understanding of the company’s network enable them to make data changes without the organization’s compliance. If this happens, it will pose a serious threat to the business and market confidence and cause financial losses.

The Solution

NOVAM is a cybersecurity program that utilizes the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to improve the accuracy of health checks. NOVAM aims to become a distributed ledger standard for detection of cyber security threats, mitigation and device compliance.

NOVAM works based on the philosophy of the human immune system to eliminate threats and ensure health. NOVAM protects secure boot chains, operating systems, cellular applications, and networking automatically by monitoring and reducing threats to the Internet of Things (IoT) device. In addition, NOVAM also provides audit compliance and regulatory integration services for threat monitoring and detection services.

NOVAM provides three main services, namely monitoring IoT devices and systems, reducing the threat of IoT devices and systems, and auditing and complying with threat monitoring platforms. These three services will be very useful for various industries for now or in the future. For example, large industries can use NOVAM services for compliance and investigation, hardware manufacturers and software companies to integrate ledgers distributed on IoT devices and corporate networks for threat monitoring and mitigation services.

Like the human immune system, NOVAM detects and responds to all types of threats in real-time and automatically. To detect and classify threats to networks and endpoint information security, NOVAM uses various approaches. NOVAM uses a probabilistic mathematical approach to understand the environment, the flow of information, and detect subtle changes. In addition, NOVAM also utilizes machine learning, both supervised and unsupervised. Supervised machine learning allows training data to be cleaned to be included in the system to determine results. While unsupervised machine learning is to find unknown behaviour, without prior knowledge, that helps human security investigators find threats.

Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)

NOVAM uses Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), data structures are sorted topologically in chronological order. Unlike the blockchain, DAG does not combine blocks or blockchain, DAGs replace standard blocks with one transaction that makes each transaction directly involved in maintaining the order.

The selection of DAG is tailored to the NOVAM project, especially for IoT networks. DAG offers many advantages including greater scalability (can handle thousands of transactions per second), low latency (bandwidth limited), increased efficiency, and low cost (does not require expensive mining rigs).


Token Name: NOVAM

Token Symbol: MNVM

1 MNVM = 0.06 USD

Sale Date: 10 December-10 January 2019

Soft Cap: 500,000 USD

Hard Cap: 2,076,923 USD

For more information, visit NOVAM website and read the whitepaper.


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