Now it is easy to get trading questions answers quickly with accuracy guarantees .

TradRiser  a project of democratized financial data analyzing and makes sure that , their clients getting project’s advantages through easier blockchain . It is a democratized financial data analyzing Platform ,so a number of mass user will be benefited Through this project .

Now the question is How will be it work ?

Problems are :

Though there has a number of problems but the solution of this problems are much easy as well as logical too .

Using Research Assistant TradRiser will solve all the problems through providing necessary information of financial markets to a traders or a investors . .
"TradeRiser’s token mechanism will keep track and compensate financial analysts for their data sets of questions, data validation, accuracy checking, suggestions and example report creation. The financial analysts can contribute in these ways to help train our machine learning Research Assistant, and be compensated accordingly ."(Quotes from TradeRiser's White Paper)

XTI is the key of all this mechanism system . XTI holders directly will get this system privileges .

"To train the artificial intelligence , we will be leveraging the blockchain to build an incentivization system , which will be supported and fed by data from a large network of quantitative analysts and researchers . A token based economy called XTI will be introduced , to incentivize researchers, for their data and contributions to the platform." (quotes from TradeRiser's White Paper)

It is a simple , easy and brilliantly logical thought for such kind of project .
We already privileging blockchain technology by different kinds of project . now it is an another brilliant Project .

In Short about TradRiser

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