Your first step into the cryptocurrency world will most likely occur through an exchange. Depending on what cryptocurrency you are trying to obtain, you will need to use certain exchanges. Each exchange has different pros and cons, so the best exchange for one person, might not be the best for another.

You should consider a number of things when determining the best Bitcoin/cryptocurrency exchange for YOU:

How safe is the website and server? Secure exchanges are better. How is the liquidity? The higher the exchange’s volume, the better. What are the exchanges fees? The lower the better. How is the exchanges customer support? What trading pairs are available? How many different payment options does it have? Is the exchange beginner friendly? Here’s some information on a popular non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange

ChangeNOW is a non-custodial exchange on the market which allows you to explore the services without verifying your identity. This means that during registration no personal details need to be provided. Most of the cases you just need to provide an email and a password and you can trade instantly.

There can be several reasons why a user wants to avoid exposing personal information on a regular cryptocurrency exchange. For instance, Users can hide their credentials so no authorities, be it government or tax authority will be able to see their investments, profits and losses in bitcoins. It is also possible that you just do not trust the platform enough to provide your credentials to the owner of the site. Other people then just want to hide proceeds from various people, such as creditors, employees or even spouses for various personal reasons.

On the other side, the verification process also includes providing documents to prove your identity in a form of a photo ID and prove your residence. Validating this information may take longer. While you can start trading right away as you do not have to wait until the verification process goes through approval at the platform..



When using a custodial exchange, your funds exist on a virtual account owned by the exchange. Provided the exchange actually has the reserves to back their stated volumes (not guaranteed), the funds will usually be stored in non-segregated hot wallets belonging to that exchange. In essence, a third party entity holds your coins. What happens if an exchange suddenly goes out of business due to a hack, mismanagement or any other reason? Yep, you probably lose your coins. This already happened many times before (Mt. Gox, BTCe…) and will happen again. With ChangeNOW exchanges, you hold your own coins in your own wallets. The only time the exchange holds your coins is during a short transfer window (For us at ChangeNow it takes no more than a five minutes). Your coins spend the rest of the transactions on their respective blockchains before they land safely in your private wallet.


By retaining complete control over your wallets, you are solely responsible for securing your funds. If you are an experienced crypto user, this could be a very good thing. Big exchanges are often under attack, and are sometimes successfully hacked. As a small and smart target, you are unlikely to be singled out, and if you take the necessary precautions, unlikely to be hacked.

After all being said, ChangeNOW has a very simple user interface, making it easy for beginners to successfully invest in cryptocurrency.

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