We are no longer operating in an economy characterized by scarcity but one of plenty, where a multitude of providers jostle for limited space. Success in today’s globalized and very crowded economic environment is therefore, about adding value and offering a differentiated product. This is true, whether we are talking about goods or services. Whether we are buying a bicycle, or an insurance policy, walking into a store to buy a bicycle, one is not content to simply walk away with an item that has two wheels, handle bar and pedals. Our choice is based on many factors: How does it look, does it have any other new and interesting features, who produces it and of course how much does it cost. All of these considerations are over and above the physical product and are critical to the decision making process. They refer to the added value: the design, the reputation, the brand, the technology that allows it to function in a particular way. They all contribute to make that bicycle different from another in the market and influence the purchasing decision which is based on a combination of factors, such as the above, that provide the best value for money to the customer.
Companies will not take an undue risk by investing in such intangibles, whether we speak of a better way of doing business, a superior technology that allows for a new or improved product by way of enhanced features or more efficient production methods, appealing designs or business identifiers, unless the risk is reduced by way of creating barriers to unauthorized copying of these intangible aspects through legal protection afforded by the tools of the intellectual property network. The intellectual property network provides protection by allowing for proprietorship and exclusive rights thus providing the tools for enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises and ultimately of an economy as a whole.
Nper is a project that allows creators to take legitimate rights by defeating the unusual IP industry structure that takes away the legitimate rights of creators. It will build a blockchain main network to innovate the IP industry and challenge on various possibilities. NPER will help increase transparency using blockchain which keeps all the information of the wallets involved in the transaction as blockchain books, so it is possible to prove the transparency of share calculation based on NPER coin holdings and compensation. NPER will also grant stability against hacking.
An IP interpersonal trading platform will be established within the NPER community. This allows community members to evaluate the IP that someone wants to sell. The purchase of the IP will be decided by NPER based on the votes from the NPER community members. Members of the NPER community determine the percentage of buying share from the vote on IP and decide whether to Lease or vest it.
NPER coins are used within the global peer-to-peer IP exchange platform, where creators and IP owners or buyers can trade IP individually. The IP owners and buyers can pay for the IP trade with the ETH, BTC and NPER coins and the creators receive the NPER coin as transaction price. By using the same payment method called ‘NPER’ all over the world, it eliminates the inconvenience of adjusting the everyday exchange rate by using VISA, MASTER and soon. The NPER coin suggests a new IP market participation business model by issuing crypto currency and opens up a way for ordinary people to easily take part in IP and create great values.
NPER offers a new business model that allows everyone to participate in the IP market. NPER’s integrated business model for both creators and the public is much more efficient and more efficient and more realistic than business models presented by existing blockchain projects. NPER coin holders will be rewarded from the IP royalties for the compensation of participation for voting community polls through Airdrop with automated smart contract.
Founder – 20%
Token Sale – 20%
Advisors & Partnership – 9%
Early Bird Bonus – 1.85%
Node Incentive – 9.15%
NPER & Market Development – 40%
2017 Q4 – Testnet deployment, MOU with BitBank, Cooperation with Hexlant, NPER Token Issue, Pre-sale
2018 Q1 – DAPP Web/iOS/Android Prototype Development, Crowd Sale, NPER Wallet Development, Listed on Exchange development, NCC (NPER Copyright Consortium) Open
Q2 – NPER Android Wallet Beta Release, Purchase IP (intellectual Property), NPER IP Dashboard Prototype, NCC Network Construction
Q3 – NPER iOS/Web Wallet Beta Release, IP Investment Expansion, IP Dashboard Release, IP Crowdfunding Service
Q4 – Voting System Construction, NPER Air Drop, NCC Conference, Special Token Issue
2019 Q1 – Testnet Launch, Support Creators, Block Explorer Release, JSON RPC API Release
Q2 – Q3 – Core Wallet Release, Decentralized IP Exchange Release, Proof of Stake (PoS) on Testnet Start, Extend IP Business Model
Q4 – NPER Mainnet Launch
Daniel Nam – CEO & Co Founder
Mike Lee – CTO
Johnny Lee – CDO & Co-founder
Ryan Kim – COO & Co-founder
Michael KIM – CMO
Laura Park – CSO
Jason Lee – Software Engineer
Alex Park – Block Chain Core Developer
Henry Kang – Block Chain Core Developer
Sam Kim – Block Chain Core Developer
Danny Park – Design Department Management
Jeff Kim – Research Analyst
Jessie Cho – Lead CS Manager & Marketer
Dongsuk Shin – Venture capitalist
David Drake – Chairman of LDJ Capital, & Crypto Investor
David Mercurio – BASEL Project Former European Central Bank
Kyle Donnelly – Software Engineer
Sungchun Lim – Intellectual Property M&A Specialist
Wonhee Cho – Lawyer & Patent Attorney
Jinwoo Ro – Tokenologic Business Designer
Sean Koh – Head of Asia & America Entertainment
Steve Park – Blockchain Specialist
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