NSU Token

NSU Token (Platform to Manage Investas Using Blockchain and Tokenization Technology Using Smart Contract)

A. Overview of Information About Blockchain

1. What is Blockchain

Blockchain is a chain where each chain contains a set of data (transactions). These chains are replicated at each node, so they can check each other out. Each chain is encrypted based on the contents of the previous chain. So to change the data within a chain, the entire chain must be decrypted, converted and then re-encrypted, in a short time, in a sufficient number of nodes to gain more than 50% of its network mastery. 

2. Distribution of Blockchain

Blockchain itself is divided into 3:
– Public Blockchain
– Blockchain Private
– Distributed Ledger Tecnology (DLT)

3. Blockchain Technology

Basically, blockchain technology is a general ledger composed of all transactions that have been created using cryptocurrencies, it continues to evolve as a completed block is added into a linear and chronological order, which forms a ‘chain’. Each node in the chain will get a copy of blockchain, as it will be downloaded automatically after joining the network. A ‘block’ is any transaction on the blockchain, including the current section that records the latest transaction. Once the transaction is completed, it is inserted into the blockchain that is used as almost a permanent database, therefore there are innumerable blocks that can be added to the chain over time.
Now, thanks to the emergence of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has been present everywhere, and has grown tremendously since 2009. This transaction is a tamper proof that makes them secure in the market. This is a peer to peer system which means that there is no central authority to verify transactions. Each node in the chain keeps a copy of the ledger, and since they are signed, can trust another copy of it. In each transaction, a new chain is created as it is wrapped in a new block of data created.
to better understand the description we can see the picture below which is the working principle of blockchain technology

4. Virtue and Use of Blockchain Technology

Block chain is a technology that allows to perform digital transactions without requiring third parties. In technologies that utilize Blockchain transactions made by users are decentralized while the security properties of these technologies are encrypted cryptographically, therefore transactions using blockchain are called cryptocurrency.Currently a lot of development is done to use blockchain technology include: distributed storage, cloud computing storage, decentralized financial applications, decentralized advertising and much more. Based on the nature of the blockchain technology is believed experts can provide ease in conducting transactions to be more effective, efficient, cost or transaction fee is relatively low,

B. Smart Contract

smart contracts are one of the main features of ethereum which is a self executing contract written in code. This agreement is usually in the contract and will be executed automatically. With this feature, it is possible to make instant payments on a decentralized network. By making a payment using this feature, you will not find any intermediary or downtime downtime though not always the case when you make a transaction. In addition, if you put ethereum funds on other traders and the value does not increase in a certain period of time, you can not sue the trader.
Smart contracts were first proposed by Nick Szabo in 1996. In development with blockchain technology one of the main goals of smart contract technology is to secure krypto-based assets. To better understand about smartcontract you can see the illustration in the picture below:


1. Overview of NSU Token

The Nous Protocol has been issued as open source code and under the GNU Public License v3.0 Anyone can take advantage of Nousprotocol to create new funds. Token NSU is a token based on Ethereum Technology ERC20 Which uses blockchain technology, smart contract and platform disebuah platform platform nousplatform. platform from NSU is used for management and investment .. can be used NSU Token based cryptocurrency using BLockchain technology and smartcontract which become the mainstay of technology based on ERC20 used for asset and investment management.

 2. Type of Fund or Investment Management Supported by NSU Token

in managing funds and investor investment NSU token supports the fund management as follows:
a. Open Investment Fund
b. Closed Investment Fund
c. Ventura Capital Funds
d. Charitable Fund
e. Family Trust Fund
to better understand about fund management support provided by Nousplatform / NSU token you can visit website:https://nousplatform.com/ico or can also download whitepaper at:https://nousplatform.com/docs/nousplatform_whitepaper_en. pdf? v = 1

3. Smart Contract NSU Token

The Nous Smart Contract Protocol is also published as open code, and resolved in the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0. The Nous smart contract is anticipated to use the functions in the fund contract, such as:
A. A. Verify the asset holder
b. Note the balance of investment portfolio
c. Identify Fund Manager
d. Increase the level of trust
e. Make the 3rd photo on the ESCROW service
to get more details and details about contract usage in NSU You can visit:  website or whitepaper

4. Profit Being a NSU Token Investor

By using Nousplatform, investors will be able to invest in any money using the NSU (based on the ERC20 standard and, after the list, available for the purchase of one currency).
The main benefits for NSU Token investors are the simplicity, flexibility, the ability to diversify, fast deposit or full funds, no bureaucracy, set rules for all parties involved, no minimum amount, and unchanging and accurate data.
For more details and complete, you can view the information at https://nousplatform.com/ico#benefit or this video:

5. RON Map NSU Token

– April 2017: Idea creation, proof of concept
– June 2017: Website launch, Nousplatform development, and Nousprotocol. In-House Development Team
– July 2017: Issuing Complete Whitepaper of technical documentation
– September 2017: PoC from cool investor wallet for tokenized asset storage
– November 2017: Pre-Sales to create a support community, potential investor on platform
– December 2017 – February 2018: Launch of pre-registration investor back offices and the establishment of their accounts. PR campaign to build community of investors on the platform.
– March-May 2018: Launch of Nousplatform beta in Ethereum Testnet and preliminary testing. Launches a pilot investment fund with existing partners.
– June 2018: Release of Nousplatform. Integration with the Bancor protocol – August 2018: Launch of beta for decentralized exchange (DEX)
– September 2018: Development of API for Escrow and third party service integration with smart contrack.- October 2018: Development and integration of third party solutions and services to buy NOUSTOKEN using Money
– November – December 2018: Launch beta integration API for third
– party services – 2019: Development and integration of algorithms for decentralized asset management that will define initial rules and frameworks for managers working with equity assets
source:  https://nousplatform.com/ico#roadmap


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