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This projectICO provides there user a easy community in cryptocurrency using there platform called MASTERMODE.
Using their platform the user is easy and secure in buying online goods, Low-Cost Masternode Hosting – low fixed-fee masternode hosting. Never pay a % of your masternode proceeds.

What Is A Masternode?

Bitcoin nodes help in enforcing various rules like checking data format and signatures and other rules. If a block or transaction violates these rules, it is rejected even though it may appear valid to other nodes within the network. Just like a full node, a masternode represents the servers that reinforce a cryptographic blockchain network. Dash is credited as one of the first cryptocurrencies to implement a masternode framework into its crypto protocol.

In simpler terms, a masternode is a computer server that is set up to help serve the end users of a certain cryptocurrency. In the case of Dash, the masternodes help enable various services like PrivateSend, InstantSend and the Treasury System. Other cryptocurrencies are planning to use their masternodes for hosting decentralized applications among other essential things.

The Nukleus Platform

How Can Nukleus Help With Masternodes?
Despite the benefits of a high earning potential, it can be quite costly to set up a masternode on your own. Additionally, you also have to deal with the highly technical nature of setting up these masternodes. These two challenges have prevented many potential investors in investing in masternodes, thus affecting the scalability of cryptocurrencies. Nukleus now has the solution to these two challenges with its convenient one-click masternode setup.

Nukleus One-Click Simple Masternodes
Nukleus has helped to considerably simplify the process of setting up and operating a masternode. Through providing an easy to use GUI, this platform has eliminated the requirement for having high technical skills. Furthermore, since Nukleus is built on a unique flexible infrastructure along with a scalable distributed blockchain network, you can expect high levels of reliability and performance.

Nukleus Cheap Masternode Hosting
The other way in which Nukleus intends to make masternodes more tenable for investors is by providing the cheapest hosting available. The pricing is going to be set at a very low flat rate and will never be charged based on your masternode profits. The cheap masternode hosting is made possible by the economies of scale as well as Nukleus’ large operating stake within the masternode pools.

Nukleus Flexible Masternode Pools
To set up a masternode server, you must hold a certain amount of coins to be used as collateral. For example, Dash users need at least 1,000 coins at a rate of roughly $1,500 each. As you can clearly see, this is not going to be feasible for most people. Nukleus successfully tackles this issue by providing masternode pools where users can pool together their masternode coins with other crypto users.

How it Works

Masternode coins operate similarly to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but with one notable difference; they utilize masternodes as opposed to full nodes. This offers a range of functionality not provided by other cryptocurrencies including instant payments, anonymous transactions, and more.

As a reward for providing these valuable services to the network, masternode operators are compensated in the form of block rewards, similar to cryptocurrency miners. For instance with the masternode coin Dash masternode operators earn the same reward as miners, or 45% of the total block reward.

Token & Ico Details

The Nukleus platform relies on the Nukleus token (NUK) for users to consume their services.
Token NUK
PreICO Price 1 NUK = 0.000004 ETH
Price 1 NUK = 0.000005 ETH
Bounty Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Minimum investment 0.01 ETH
Soft cap 7,130 ETH
Hard cap 71,300 ETH

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