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Crypto’s growth in the real world is amazing. NUpay will be a player who plays a role on this stage. An easy and integrated payment method is the initial solution which is a long chain of cutters and costs. NUpay has many advantages over existing competitors which are hampered by variations in the problems inside. Based on these problems, NUpay is here to offer something different and go far ahead. The current situation is that the community does not have many choices available to transact using cryptocurrency. NUpay connects crypto and various coupons or points along with TPCT Market Tokens Collect real through a multipurpose payment system. From the opinion that cryptocurrency will soon become a standard for payment instruments,

Comprehensive payment services provided by the NUPay protocol consist of the characteristics of blockchain technology. NUPay will start by launching NUPay, a multipurpose payment system NUPay, in Korea in the initial phase and then developing into other areas on Earth, which ultimately results in the introduction of a blockchain ecosystem that enables global payment methods on and offline.


There is no time wasted. NUpay will cut the payment scheme through crypto exchange and Bank Transfer. TPCT changes the cryptocurrency liability paradigm by collecting 2 percent of the payment amount and NUPay Consumers will have the ability to experience new payment ideas using the TPCT Token that allows investment and payment to be achieved at the exact same time.


Despite having superior technology, the blockchain and cryptocurrency have many challenges that hinder growth and implementation in each sector. There are many projects that work to fill this gap by making cryptocurrency debit cards and crypto ATMs. But there are still many crypto related projects facing many difficulties in finding partnerships and raising funds to develop their financial ideas. There are many negative moments that arise with every crypto startup, the drop in cryptocurrency prices makes them run out of money. Investors end up paying high commission fees for crypto exchanges for digital asset conversion.

But now thanks to a team of highly experienced professionals who are committed to providing the perfect solution to the problems mentioned above by creating a platform called   NuPay  .

The solution

The NUPay  payment  platform  plays an important role in connecting users and traders. Extensive partnerships with online and offline stores throughout Korea will provide the scalability of TPCT tokens   , which will ultimately fulfill their role as real currencies.

Sales Tokens

The NUPay project has created crypto currencies that can be used in everyday life and also started full-scale growth in March 2018. The NUPay team identified these market requirements through interviewing specialists and consumers to advance the progress of their organization. In this procedure, the NUPay Project Team is centered on the development of this NUPay Protocol by connecting it using NUPay which is predicted on cryptocurrency, coupons, and reward factors. This procedure also requires NUPay to connect to international payment gateways as well as high-tech businesses. Furthermore,

Token allocation

The main uses of the profits are 30 percent on R & D, 5 percent on advertising, 35 percent on reserves 1 (cryptographic coins), 15 percent on reserves two (digital power), and 10 percent on company operations and growth. R & D funds will be utilized to develop blockchain engines, NUPay Support Prototypes (NUPay Wallet & App), mainnet, etc. Marketing will cover the costs associated with NUPay Advertisements and the increase and addition of partner pairs. Reserves 1 (crypto coins) are part of the deposit ordered for (1) the transfer of instant crypto coins to consumers when their trade occurs in cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, and XRP) and (2) that banknotes are transferred to retailers to return payments.


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Nupay Uis is supported by experts who are experienced in their respective fields, these people are on board.

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