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Obviously, the premier evident motivation to incorporate blockchain technology is consequently your retail business will make due with a more varies of payments. It’s an obvious fact that cryptocurrencies are increasing famous and accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other digital currencies will open your business up to a far bigger world market.
Cryptocurrencies are especially useful in the event that you might want to sell or acquire products abroad while not paying steep fees or anticipating long procedure times. Nowadays, accepting cryptocurrencies and changing them back to paper money is amazingly transparent, and it tends to be an extraordinary method to get the huge and-growing cryptocurrencies community inspired by your business.
If you have done your homework well, you may presume that blockchain technology is the next technological advancement your retail business need. The essential drawback of the present crypto industry is that the nonappearance of a strong connection with the real economy.
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Crypto markets are amazingly easy to enter, yet leaving business sector is known with costs, dangers and troubles. At present, specialists have tried to developed stable cryptocurrencies to facilitate world adoption and keep away from dangers that are referenced previously.
About NUPay
NUPAY is a financial payment platform that will help in linking both the sellers and the customers in the platform. To make the project a fruitful one, they have launched their own local token (TPCT) which will be utilized in the platform as a mode of exchange trade. NUPAY has made a partnership deal with the Korean ONLINE and OFFLINE stores which will help in the adaptability of the TPCT token.
The first objective of NUPAY payment platform is to eradicate the middlemen activities in every transaction and help the sellers and customers exchange legitimately between themselves without the contribution of any services. Likewise it intends to introduce a system with an extremely low transaction fees which will be superior to anything the other system charging high charges out there. At this crypto-currency platform, its hard to disregard the effect of blockchain technology and that is the reason NUPAY will embrace the utilization of blockchain technology to developed a decentralized system free of any manipulation or restrictions.
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NUPAY platform will permit diverse methods for payment mode ranges from digital currency to gifts-cards and the utilization of voucher payment technique. NUPAY platform will make the comfort of its customers as the main priority essentially in light of the fact that the destiny and life expectancy of each digital money projects relies upon its community. This is the reason there will be great customers satisfaction in the platform and there will be 24/7 customers support in the system just in the event that there necessities emerges .
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NUPAY CORE ELEMENTS includes the SELLERS, CUSTOMERS, NUPAY BLOCKCHAIN, NUPAY SCAN and NUPAY PAYMENT PLATFORM. Each and individual of these key components have their very own fundamental capacity in the system. NUPAY prototypes services contain the WEB, APP and NUPAY CARD.
NUPAY token is designed in a manner that it will be utilized to buy goods and services in the platform. It’s a utility token which can be utilized to make payment and transaction fees in the platform. It’s an erc20 token launched on ethereum BLOCKCHAIN network.
The below components are expected to complement the scope of the basic blockchain system NUPay, with the assistance of which entrepreneurs and customers will gain extra advantages over existing conventional financial systems:
1. Because of an enormous various payment techniques, NUPay will likewise show extra vouchers, gift cards and other reward points that the customers can use to buy any products and services. For instance, you have bought few merchandise and you will be charged up to 2% of the total sum of your purchase as tokens credited to your wallet. This program plans to encourage and urge customers to pick NUPay system as their methods for payment frequently;
2. Due to the blockchain network, the developers have achieved the least possible commission costs, which will allows all customers of the NUPay platform to avoid financial waste resulted to high commissions in most cases from local financial systems;
3. Notwithstanding the way that the customers will most likely buy an immense number of merchandise and services through a large network of partners, technical support will likewise reveal to you how you can utilize the interior tokens NUPay additionally in the speculation plan. To do this, you should just choose the proper segment in the menu segment and get all the neccessary from specialized help.
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The details of the ICO
NUPay internal TPCT token will provide communication inside the NUPay system, its primary objective is to keep up appropriate communication between all system participants and be active both inside and outside The NUPay platform. With TPCT you can purchase totally any item or pay for any service in NUPay, it can also be use as investment token for other digital currency projects. Notwithstanding the above features, the customers will get an opportunity to buy these tokens in a few position classifications. What’s the importance of that?! There are 4 positions in the NUPay system, where every one of them has its own base number of coins and level of collective mint pieces. Begin positions from 5000 TPCT and bring for each buy 0.5% of total tokens to your wallet. The most elevated position is called VIP and it begins from 1 million TPCT coins with a 2% accumulative system from NUPay for each buy made.
Note that all processes for the collection of combined mint coins are completed automatically and immediately, so we quickly get an opportunity to discard them following their gathering.
• Token name: TPCT
• Platform: Ethereum ERC-20
• Token price: 1 TPCT = 0,00004 ETH
• Soft Cap: 500,000,000 TPCT
• Hard Cap: 1,000,000,000 TPCT
• Minimum Purchase: 0,1 ETH
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The distribution of tokens is as per the following:
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Amazing Team behind NUPay
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NUPay blockchain-based technology can help the business organizations in managing the entire business transaction successfully with improved and variety payment method. In that capacity, sellers, customers, private investors, Institutional investors, Crypto traders, most Corporate organizations and Service Providers out there can consider making utilization of the NUPay platform as their online and offline payment of choice.
For more information about NUPAY project check the links below
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Eth Address: 0xFbc364708EC36a824b00901874deF3B012CC7d31