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Hello everyone, again I will still talk about this new payment era called NUpay, so many dealers and suppliers have suggested their own options, such as crypto debit cards, on-and offline payment systems, or digital currency exchange services for money conversion , as an alternative to the current system or as a catalyst for other “stages”.
But these crypto-payment related jobs face problems in building more systematic relationships, namely secure connections with payment infrastructure and finding business partners. Execution of their merchandise in the world requires patience. The NUPay Project Group works to overcome and has begun to deal with payment method issues.

With the opinion that cryptocurrency will soon become the standard for instruments of payment or cash, many startups and businesses are preparing to launch cryptocurrency-related technologies and services. As a reaction to the problems that arise in current funding solutions and systems, blockchain technology has significantly increased awareness of this idea of ​​decentralization. Decentralization through blockchain technology is proven to be possible because the system keeps a list of transactions, minimizes potential errors and hacking and the verification process. About 1,500 cryptocurrency was issued before the first quarter of 2018, of which around 190 proved active since Bitcoin appeared in 2009.

The NUPay team will apply the same payment method to the popular simple payment service that is available for the NUPay account so users will use the NUPay online payment service without alienation for any online services. Today, NUPay has greatly secured affiliate and franchise stores that will make it reachable for millions of monthly users to make three hundred million transactions worth $ 26 billion per year. The NUPay platform can change users to pay for their digital assets and cryptos at points of receipt both online and offline. The main brands of commodities and services that can be accessed online in NUPay are these big players such as Burger King, Baskin Robbins, H & M, Dunkin Donuts, Seven Eleven, etc.


NUpay Program

The NUPay project will prepare the NUPay Program to ensure a smooth shopping background for each of our clients. Many locales have built projects by considering the client’s willingness to exchange. With program predictors that are unpredictable and sent, including biometric innovations on cellphone shopping is expected to develop.

We are also looking for a QR consolidation reader or standard identification scanner to meet the needs of various types of organizations. The NUPay Payment Program provides work on the designs used and the taste of buyers and retailers.

NUPay debit and credit cards

While retail remains a consumable Market money and Visa installments will be a method for installments in stores. Urging and to extend the commitment at the cut off location, NUPay plans to supply a card that can be used for the purpose of procuring several random accomplices.



Despite having superior technology, the blockchain and cryptocurrency have many challenges that hinder growth and implementation in each sector. There are many projects that work to fill this gap by making cryptocurrency debit cards and crypto ATMs. But there are still many crypto related projects facing many difficulties in finding partnerships and raising funds to develop their financial ideas. There are many negative moments that arise with every crypto startup, the drop in cryptocurrency prices makes them run out of money. Investors end up paying high commission fees for crypto exchanges for digital asset conversion.

But now thanks to a team of highly experienced professionals who are committed to providing the perfect solution to the problems mentioned above by creating a platform called   NuPay  .

The solution

The NUPay  payment  platform  plays an important role in connecting users and traders. Extensive partnerships with online and offline stores throughout Korea will provide the scalability of TPCT tokens   , which will ultimately fulfill their role as real currencies.


Installment Gateway:

The installment framework, nUPay, is an installment administration where clients can use vouchers but furthermore the form of cryptography focuses on money and prizes. NUPay can support digital forms of money such as BTC, ETH, and XRP that they might use, along with empowering the use of TPCT tokens. At any time there will be at NUPay Along with the form of cryptographic money.

For traders:

With clients, retailers can profit by connecting during the NUPay Network. Because of the development of installment strategies, for example, reward elements, and digital currencies, coupons, clients will see by hiding that they have set up NUPay Network, which can allow retailers to help deal with customers, and handle customers. UI design that can be accessed effectively by anyone who gives retailers to use client data to improve tasks and will empower practical customer control. Senders and NUPay Network can be connected via the POS gadget they use, the installments can also be done through checking QR codes.
NUpay application

Applications: Most internet business sites have pushed mobile applications because of the increasing desire of buyers for portable trading. The NUPay project will encourage the NUPay Application to ensure a consistent shopping background for its clients. With committed applications and driven gadgets, including consolidated biometric innovations on cellphones, portable shopping is accepted to grow exponentially. In addition, NUPay also includes QR peruser consolidation and additional standard identification scanners to answer the requirements of various types of organizations. The NUPay Payment Application will provide capacity that is consistent with the trends and models of practice of clients and retailers

The progress of blockchain and cryptographic money has transformed the regular framework into an increasingly safe, reliable, and continuously in line with decentralization. Cryptographic money has changed the way we handle cash, change the method of procedure, and change innovation in it. However, many people have not received cryptographic money given the fact that the ease of use has not been presented to the world.

However, digital money has been considered cash in the future but despite all that seems like a joke to many people given the fact that there is no innovation or sufficient basis to help and match the example of using cryptographic money in the world. Also, do you realize that you can use your digital currency to buy merchandise and pay using tokens or coins? Indeed it can be imagined, all we need is a foundation that will make it understandable. This is the reason I presented the task that would make a foundation that would make cryptographic money an alternative installment. This stage is known as NUPay.


The NUPay stage is blockchain-based execution in integrating decentralization will drive all mediators from traditional exchanges at this time.

The NUPay installment framework will reduce exchange costs which are increasingly positive when contrasted with the usual installment framework.

In the NUPay stage, there are various methods for installments that can take the form of digital money, gift vouchers, vouchers and so on using it to buy products and companies.


On NUPay Network, traders are allowed to collaborate with buyers who will benefit both meetings.

If you make installments through the NUPay stage, around 2% of the total acquisition amount will be credited to your record in the TPCT token.

NUPay will offer assistance to all current holders of cryptographic money when they use their TPCT tokens and various forms of digital money.

However, NUPay administration is not limited to crypto-installments for different items.

NUPay Economic Tokens

The utility token is known as ‘TPCT’, it tends to be used to buy products or administration through this stage. TPCT tokens will handle the issue of ease of use of cryptographic money

NUPay Partnerships with portal organizations, significant installments, gift vouchers, and prize point guarantor, then, to and dealers who are cut off.

When appreciating the administration of this stage, just hold the TPCT token. You can get a token from the middle of ICO that is very bad.

Token name: TPCT

Stage: Ethereum

Complete Token Inventory: 2,500,000,000 TPCT

Token Price: 25,000 TPCT = 1 ETH

ICO fee: 40,000 ETH = 1,000,000,000 TPCT

Delicate Cap: 500.000 TPCT

Hard Cap: TPCT

Least Investment: 0.1 ETH


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