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Have you noticed the exponential speed with which our world is developing?! Every day new technologies and hundreds of other effective tools are created to improve the quality of everyday life. Take, for example, the advent of blockchain technology. The whole world is now buzzing, processing its capabilities and applications in various spheres of our life.

A very important topic is still the processing of digital payments, their compatibility with the classical economic world of Fiat currencies. Over the past year alone, more than 20 projects have been created that have taken the responsibility to remove any digital barriers and make cryptocurrencies even closer to each of us.


Someone tried to Supplement the existing gap with debit cards, someone with the presence of cryptocurrency ATMs. It would seem that what could be the problem here?! Nevertheless, many projects are experiencing enormous difficulties in developing their financial ideas, since it is not always so easy to find business partnerships with which to earn their crypto solutions. In addition to these problems, many startups experience a number of other negative moments associated with the inefficient operation of the crypto-currency resources themselves, where the user pays a huge Commission for all the various exchanges and conversions.

Analyzing the existing problems, the team of specialists came to the conclusion that they can be solved by properly planned work of all important elements involved in the work of the cryptocurrency platform. Thus, at the intersection of ideas and opportunities, a new decentralized project was born, which seeks to provide the best service for the provision of cryptocurrency services.

About the project

Today we will talk about the Korean project, which is called – NUPay. Its mission is to become a reliable support for all users and entrepreneurs whose relationships will be based on the security, transparency and reliability of the blockchain network. Moreover, NUPay intends to actively cooperate with both online and offline stores in order to ensure maximum contact with all users and entrepreneurs, not limited to any one direction.

Despite the widespread boom of online stores, most of the purchases still account for offline stores. That is why the developers of NUPay do not want to limit their customers in their choice, so for the further growth of the platform, the developers have prepared a large network of partner stores.

Thus, we can safely say that NUPay will appear before Korean users and entrepreneurs in the form of a simple but very effective payment system, where everyone will be able to appreciate not only the service provided, but also the speed of payment processing, their safety, and availability in the General population.


The following elements are intended to complement the range of the integral blockchain system NUPay, with the help of which entrepreneurs and users will gain additional advantages over existing traditional financial systems:

1. Thanks to a huge selection of different payment methods, NUPay will also demonstrate additional vouchers, gift cards and other reward points that the user can use to purchase any goods and services. For example, you have purchased some goods and you will be charged an amount of 2% of the total amount of your purchase in the form of tokens credited to your wallet. This promotion intends to encourage and encourage users to choose NUPay system as their means of payment more often;

2. Due to the blockchain network, the developers have achieved the lowest possible Commission costs, which will allow all users of the NUPay platform to avoid significant waste associated in most cases with large commissions from traditional financial systems;

3. In addition to the fact that the user will be able to purchase a huge number of goods and services through a large network of partner stores, technical support will also tell you how you can use the internal tokens NUPay also in the investment plan. To do this, you should only select the appropriate section in the menu section and get all the necessary help from technical support.

At the moment, the NUPay team is already in partnership with such well-known companies as:

The details of the ICO

The internal TPCT token will provide communication within the NUPay system, its main task is to maintain proper communication between all network participants and be active both inside and outside The NUPay platform. With TPCT you can buy absolutely any product or pay for any service in NUPay, as well as use it as an investment token for other cryptocurrency projects. In addition to the above features, the user will have a chance to purchase these tokens in several rank categories. What’s the meaning of that?! There are 4 ranks in the NUPay system, where each of them has its own minimum number of coins and percentage of accumulative coins. Start ranks from 5000 TPCT and bring for each purchase 0.5% of cumulative tokens to your wallet. The highest rank is called VIP and it starts from 1 million TPCT coins with a 2% accumulative system from NUPay for each purchase made.

It is important to note that all processes for the accrual of cumulative coins are carried out automatically and instantly, so we immediately have a chance to dispose of them immediately after their accrual.

  • Token name: TPCT
  • Platform: Ethereum ERC-20
  • Token price: 1 TPCT = 0,00004 ETH
  • Soft Cap: 500,000,000 TPCT
  • Hard Cap: 1,000,000,000 TPCT
  • Minimum Purchase: 0,1 ETH

The distribution of tokens is as follows:


This project represents a new algorithm of interaction of the Korean user with all existing shops and enterprises, allowing to use modern technologies not only for the benefit, but also with great pleasure. After all, NUPay excludes any fraudulent actions, all payment transactions are carried out quickly and with minimal fees, which means that it will be a pleasure to use the internal token and other derivative cryptocurrencies.

You can get acquainted with NUPay in much more detail through their official website and technical documentation, a link to which I have already attached at the bottom. And that’s it for me and see you soon!

Official resources of the NUPay project:



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