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About NXO
NXO Next Payment Golden is a Crypto International platform. which enhances Fintech’s Ideas and Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain technology. NXO’s enthusiastic passion for Technology and Finance, The idea created to facilitate payments in shops Online Aiming to become a payment service provider of reliable and trustworthy. NXO introduces the most advanced applications built on artificial intelligence technology and blockchain technology. This concept connects futuristic professionalism with the current approach of the blockchain network. NXO will greatly assist in making the payment system smarter, efficient and effective. In worldwide, could be an excellent starting point for the future growth of financial transactions if integrated with machine learning mechanisms. NXO launched an advanced solution to move further in the world through Blockchain-based transactions.


NXO Solution
The market’s desire for something can ultimately resolve the nature of the inaccuracy, the level of patience and the fleeting details. NXO appears to fill the gap – It started NXO with another revolutionary technology, the artificial intelligence / physical network. This is an inventing platform that focuses on the progress of payments and helps them to get closer to their customers by creating seamless transactions and an integrated system that solve their question regardless of time. Our vision is to design payment system at online store store in the world and make them go forward with artificial intelligence. Users with our apps can have full control and access to their funds including managing funds transfer between friends as well as many other features.

NXO Coin
NXO has been introduced in the market but the actual launch proposed occurs after successfully completing its ICO token. The platform released limited token originally in two parts is on pre-ICO and during ICO, NXO currency is more secure, transaction verified through neural language processing . It’s built with an easy interface to give people simplified access, from beginners to experienced and well-established investors. NXO is decentralized so that no central authority controls it. NXO is a complete Crypto package that does Blockchain activity with human intelligence. All entries are structured to allow you to perform a wide range of activities through just one digital coin including a visa card for NXO international transactions, creating anonymous transactions through smart wallets, and a new decentralized exchange platform for exclusive trading.

Visa Card
NXO launches its own Visa Card for its users associated with Crypto banking / fintech companies. The beta version will be released on the market after the ICO time is finished with intensive research and testing but the actual launch is projected to come later. Exchanging digital coins should be an option and this is possible with NXO Visa cards that facilitate user access to their currencies anywhere in the world. Security and privacy are major obstacles we consider during the procedure and are equipped with dynamic CCVs that significantly signify higher levels of security.

nxo card.png

NXO card device designed specifically for payment. Transaction fees using our card device are relatively lower than those paid via ATM. Deciding on NXO card device provides a larger business opportunity for merchants, as its currency is decentralized and has been built with advanced features of artificial intelligence.

Payment Gateways
Payment gateway from NXO will be given to merchants who can make their own payment system. Merchants will have their order number associated with transaction details through simple API commands. However, the API will be given to each merchant to integrate it through their e-store and allow NXO users to pay online through the NXO payment gateway. The NXO API integrated with the payment gateway verifies and confirms transactions quickly and effortlessly. Furthermore, depending on the number of transactions, NXO coins will be appreciated by the merchants use our APIs in their store.

Launching Website= 26 February 2018

Bounty $50.000= 26 February 2018
Airdrop NXO =1 March 2018

Pre Crowdsale 1 NXT=3 NXO Just 500.000 NXO= 12 March 2018
Q1 Crowdsale $ 0.1 = 1 NXO Just 1.000.000 NXO =27 March 2018
Q2 Crowdsale $ 0.2 = 1 NXO Just 2.000.000 NXO = 15 April 2018
Q3 Crowdsale $ 0.3 = 1 NXO Just 4.500.000 NXO = 1 May 2018

External Market= 1 June 2018
NXO Exchanger= 1 August 2018
Launching Online Shop =11 October 2018

Wallet NXO Android & IOS = 25 November 2018

Visa Card NXO= 10 December 2018

NXO Reduction Machine= 1 January 2019

Token Sale information
NXO is built with ERC20 technology Max Supply 10.000.000 Available for Public Sales

NXO has been introduced in the market but the actual launch proposed occurs after successfully completing its ICO token.

Start Date End Date Quantity Price Sold Status
2018-02-26 2018-04-15 1000000 NXO 0.1 USD

2018-04-15 2018-05-01 2000000 NXO 0.2 USD

2018-05-01 2018-06-01 4500000 NXO 0.3 USD

Payment Method= ETH, BTC, NXT, XLM

Some Important Links of NXO
Website= http://nxo.store/
ANN= https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3091796.new#new
Whitepaper= http://nxo.store/assets/files/white-paper.pdf
Facebook= https://www.facebook.com/Next-Payment-Golden-1858540950886447/
Twitter= https://twitter.com/nxosupport
Telegram= https://t.me/joinchat/G9gGZ0SkZIGgagI6hHO6jw

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