OATH : Blockchain Dispute Resolution & Governance Protocol


Oath Protocol may be a commonplace blockchain governance and dispute resolution protocol. It provides a layer two cross-chain infrastructure that may be designed into public chains and dApps, and it uses a suburbanised panellist community to participate in decision-making on the blockchain.

Oath Protocol is sculptured on the common law legal system and uses settings and algorithms to confirm that the jurors area unit selected from a various pool (the characteristics and range of jurors will be set by the parties) and don’t serve on over one jury along. Jurors’ identities area unit hid from the parties. Oath Protocol can take little a part of arbitration fee as a revenue supply, and jurors WHO create the proper call can take the remainder as a bequest. Overall, Oath Protocol provides a governance resolution for the disputes and things that can’t be predefined in sensible contract.

What area unit the tokens used for and the way will the token price appreciate?

OATH is associate degree ERC-20 (Ethereum-based) token that facilitates engagement among participants on the platform as its internal currency. Users (partner dApps associate degreed chains) can ought to deposit an agreed-on quantity of OATH tokens to initiate the protocol. To earn OATH tokens, the platform users can ought to contribute to dispute resolution or different community services or run nodes. they will additionally earn rewards for balloting for the winning party. This behavior modification is admire Augur.

Jurors on the platform are going to be incentivized to carry OATH tokens to extend their credit level (which will increase rewards), decreasing the overall token provide on secondary markets. As additional suburbanised applications use Oath Protocol for dispute resolution on their platforms, the capitalization and price of the token could increase with redoubled demand and faded provide.

How advanced is that the project?

OATH’s report contains comprehensive data concerning the project, and therefore the one electronic device provides a additional condensed summary. The team keeps growing its Medium page with updates and in-depth articles. it’s already incontestable ability to effectively attract partners and investors to the platform.

NEM is one in all their partners which will use Oath Protocol because the default dispute resolution protocol on its platform. Presently, NEM is among the highest twenty leading cryptocurrencies measured by capitalization. Recognized monetary media shops like Yahoo Finance and newsbtc.com discharged many high level, spectacular press coverage concerning Oath Protocol. The Oath most valuable player is predicted to launch in late 2018, sooner than schedule


Blockchain Security ought to have 2 totally different layers: Technology and Governance. So far, we’ve got solely centered on info technology security, like ‘anti-hacking’ or ‘code review.’ however Blockchain Governance is simply as (if not more) vital as a result of each user desires it from time to time. OATH Protocol encourages North American countryers from totally different communities to hitch us and becomes a part of our OATH Jury to assist with chain governance and dApp dispute resolution.

All key knowledge, like the contract and relevant proof, is hashed into the blockchain to ascertain a permanent, changeless record.

The jury members’ identities square measure unbroken confidential through science techniques to make sure sound judgment and immunity from external influence.

OATH’s dynamic allocation algorithmic program reduces the percentages of identical jury members resolution multiple disputes to avoid collusion.

OATH’s classified random algorithmic program, designed for reducing bias, selects jurors with numerous backgrounds to make sure fairness.

OATH’s credit level system and token mechanism work along to judge and inspire the jurors.

Both parties to the contract might set the small print of the dispute resolution method they comply with be certain by.

Once the dispute is resolved, the jury’s votes and explicit reasons therefor square measure disclosed to the community.

The contracts and dispute resolution results square measure encrypted and saved on the OATH Chain for future reference.


OATH will issue 10,000,000,000 ERC-20 tokens (OATH) that facilitate engagement between participants on the platform by providing access to the platform and acting as its internal currency.
OATH can be earned by acting as nodes, arbitraging contracts, or providing community services. It may also be purchased from crypto exchanges and marketplaces.



Oath Protocol has many competitive benefits over its competitors: localized community higher cognitive process, semi-decentralized vote method, layer a pair of protocol, algorithms and safeguards to make sure fairness, compatibility with any public chains or dApps, credit level system and knowledge analytics, quantifiability and tiers, and transparency.

From a technical perspective, via APIs, Oath Protocol is compatible with any chains or dApps, and its good contract templet library (with templates that address a spread of use cases and are available with constitutional Oath dispute resolution and governance protocol) permits for straightforward integration.

Oath Protocol encompasses a big selection of potential use cases that includes: p2p e-commerce, news verification (also applicable to any content-sharing platform), blockchain-based amount of money, blockchain-based rental agreements, and outcomes for oracle platforms. It might even apply to some real-life security cases like the DAO hack & Ethereum exhausting fork, EOS’s unsuccessful try at blockchain governance, and also the newest Eos dApp EOSBets hack.


Website : https://oathprotocol.com
Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/oathprotocol
Twitter : https://twitter.com/OathProtocol
Medium : https://medium.com/@oathprotocol
Whitepaper : https://www.oathprotocol.com/files/OATH-Whitepaper-EN.pdf

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