Welcome to the OpenAnx (OAX) platform. OAX is a platform for exchanging crypto, which combines basic features: Liquidity is connected to a centralized platform, Transparency depends on crypto currency service. OAX is a design as well and the concept has been implemented in a variety of activities ranging from enter the transaction, enter the concept payment transaction processing transaction activity either enter or exit a transaction, or in a network.

Blockchain, in order to create a good decentralized network OAX base OAX in which case it is necessary to establish a secure network unity and continue to develop the development on which platforms and this technology is developing very rapidly using the standard SmartContract ETH # ERC20 and at the same time having a good quality of the network, For an increase in interaction, as well as communities that are increasingly contributing.

The main task of the company is to create a multifunctional trading platform that will work not only with markers but also with currency units. In this case, OAX coin owners have the right to vote and claim the opposite. In addition, it will have to have the platoon record and open access to the plot. There are four types of membership in the system:

  • Participants are eligible for voting
  • founder
  • Payment Gateway
  • Third-party service provider.

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The OpenAnx platform will take the strengths of the existing model of decentralized exchanges and will improve it by connecting the working exchange platforms with the network, implementing system security deposit, which will give users a kind of opportunity to evaluate risks. It will also provide the legal system of the dispute resolution with obligatory execution that will give consumer protection.

The OAX platform will divide the fiat currency controls in transactions and provide additional protection against hacker attacks. In addition, the collateral level at the OAX gateway is transparent, enabling accurate risk management decisions. As open-source, the OAX work team encourages platform analysis by anyone, so potential vulnerabilities can be fixed across the OAX system. The features contained in OAX latform will help users build trust and confidence in transactions. As the digital asset market grows and attracts new entrants.

OpenAnx (OAX) Model

The concept was initiated by the OpenAnx Foundation in Hong Kong to create a decentralized platform for OAX Change, Ethereal box office advertising. The main feature of the company can only be found in the official White Book , which is only available in English so far . Key features are the clarity and reliability of financial transactions specific to cryptographic platforms and the high liquidity of traditional platforms at the same time.

Platform participants identify risks through connections to security deposits and to the network of assets. The customer will receive reliable protection thanks to the combination of funds.

The currency created by OpenAnx ensures that a centralized trading platform is included in this structure. This fact can take user assets that can be used to bid in decentralized services, store and release equivalent markers.

To prevent disputes and disputes between the parties, the entity gateway will receive Ether translation requests for smart contracts. It is assumed to be the internal marker to be used to trade with other medallions. This is done to reduce the risk of an inactive market.

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Purpose of OpenAnx source

  • OTC P2P mechanisms offer alternatives to transactions made with conventional order books. At the same time, trading should be easy and fast.
  • In addition to creating new purchases based on the OpenAnx platform, crypto community members will be able to use resources and improve their numbers by bringing technology to existing sites.
  • Full synchronization of command lists from peer-to-peer networks and over-the-counter markets.
  • Significant improvements in existing user segments and the liquidity of existing localization projects that do not have access to fiat funds.
  • To consolidate an order list, set up your own technology use to combine gateway liquidity and other participating platform indicators.
  • Provide access to guarantees in case of a controversial situation.
  • Observe the credit worthiness of the key to manage financial risks.
  • Implement asset gateways in your existing trading platform architecture.
  • Keep it in mind! All OpenAnx users will be transferred to use their services. The other stock exchange interested in the transition will be given this opportunity.

Advantages of OpenANX;

  • Has a small risk level and a transparent network
  • To have various transaction activities in order book system
  • A large network of contributors will show interest in various clients
  • With transparent asset detection, it will provide convenience to the various customers in the store in a good way.
  • The level of security and good integrity at the same time will provide a high level of customer confidence
  • Get an institution or organization to provide a great platform with a large community.


This project has a clear development plan that the team is trying to follow:

  • Q2 2016: Concept development
  • Q1 2017: Review the concept
  • April 2017: OpenANX project inauguration
  • May 2017: White paper issue
  • June 22, 2017: Start OAX Token Sale
  • Q4 2017: Working group registration form
  • Q2 2018: OpenANX Prototype



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  • Ken Lo is a successful entrepreneur who is one of the founders of ANX International, an OXX guarantor with five years of experience in this area. In addition, it has a 20-year history of business planning and strategic work experience, working successfully in giant companies like Luo, Verizon, Accenture and BT.
  • Hugh Madden is the inspiration and initiator of many OAX project concepts and ideas. The luggage experience was even more impressive: the first commercial security service was launched at the age of 16, working for a financial services company that runs the security system. In 2012 he founded ANX International.
  • Dave Chapman is one of ANX International, the guarantor of Oax, an international crypto asset exchange expert. Invaluable work experience involves working with the world’s largest financial leaders in project management and implementation. Dave works for Barclays, ABN AMRO and HSBC.
  • David Tee – has 25 years of experience in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions. Europe, Asia and the United States.
  • Jehan Chu is a partner of Jen Advisors (a venture company in a large mall). Jehan is an active evangelical specialist since 2013 and is the teacher of the Google EYE program and the founder of the Hong Kong Bitcoin Association.
  • Chandler Guo – is an obstructive startup consultant. Chandler is a big investor  – the boss has assets of more than 20 companies.
  • Bok Khoo, consultant and statistician, Ethereum BEc, AIAA and quantitative software developer. Having over 28 years of experience working with banks, government agencies and treasures, Bock has begun to develop decentralized stock exchanges without credibility.

For more information about this great project kindly click on the links below;

Website: https://oax.org/en

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@oax
BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1943946
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oaxfoundation/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OAX_Foundation
Telegram: https://t.me/openanxteam!

Ethereum address: 0xE9a3c6d8e79901243e5D1ADEC46d11F27E4E61d9


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