Obizcoin Projesine’s Overview
The creation and analysis of intelligent factors (software and machinery) is called artificial intelligence or AI and can be practiced in almost all fields.
The smart machine can do multitasking work for advanced operations. This area displays trend trends, human brain simulations, natural language processing, artificial neural networks, and so on. There are many areas.
Celibacy systems today behave like intelligent beings and not intelligent beings.
Prizes awarded so far in existing solutions based on Robotic Process Automation have not been seen as an essential part of the system. “Smart Process BOT” manages the award based on ethereum block technology.
Customer activation
The BOT customer must be created to provide the correct service and output.
The user must fill in the details of the activation form which will help Bot inform the user about the job.
For more details, visit
The user must enter details about the following operations; so Bots can classify users to any of the following:
  • Small Scale Initiative
  • Medium Business
  • Large-scale Initiative
Obizcoin PRE-ICO begins on December 14th
Obizcoin — The world’s first intelligent process automation Botool, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology are based on the basis. The first ICO begins on December 14, you can register on the Obizcoin website and take advantage of discounted ICO opportunities.
On March 15, 2018, Obizcoin will begin listing on the Exchange.
Obizcoin offers robber-based robbery, recruitment and termination services to SMEs. Worldwide, 70% of the business world consists of SMEs.
If you want to invest, Obizcoin offers a minimum 1% collateral until BOT development is complete. For the first year, Obizco will take back 1% of all tokens distributed each month, so the value of the coin in your hand will go up and down.
Will be realized as ETH, which will pay dividends starting 30% every 3 months.
The road map, which begins in 2013, will continue at the end of the first quarter and ICO by 2018, and BOT will be ready by the fourth quarter of 2018.
BOT Service
Business Process Management
Excellence in business process management Standard Process Procedure (SIP) can be developed and implemented for the company.
Standard Procedure Procedures try to find the most accurate activity results by finding out who answers, why, where and when.
The responsibility, authority and reporting of each hierarchy within the SIP organization is defined.
BOTs are categorized based on the size of the organizations and sectors under study.
BOT not only helps improve the process but also helps implement it; Implementing the implementation process, assigning tasks to the team, monitoring team progress at once, providing team performance and team allocation for the best process updates.
Obizcoin will integrate with the SAP Benseri ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforge, Zoho) and more, and will provide all sorts of flexibility to its users.
Operational Risk Score Analysis
One of Obizcoin BOT’s key features is Operational Risk Score Analysis, which is achieved through a comprehensive risk-score algorithm; This score will help SMEs, Startups and Investors to find the following performance goals.
1. Level of Process Implementation in Organization
2. Measurement of team performance within the organization
Not only the score, but also the ability to determine the following analysis report and present it to top management.
1. Show the highest rating parameters such as transactions / department / employee / cost center
2. Shows the lowest scoring parameters such as transactions / departments / employees / cost centers
3. New positions match the trend by producing an improvisation strategy.
Benefits of Token OBZ
Analysis of available risk points and other service analysis
Access Obizcoin to the DAPP platform
Management of third party relationships
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