WEBSITE : document ANNFACEBOOK TWITTERGithub TelegramRetail Coach® (YRC) is a business process consulting brand from the parent company Mind-Mend® Consultancy Pvt Ltd (MCPL), which allows companies to manage and grow. The process is to improvise, how to create and deliver value to customers. Due to technological achievements, YRC aims to develop successful business models to the latest technological achievements, developing the BOT Smart Process using blockchain & AI technology.
YRC raised funds to develop BOT through the sale of Tokencoin Tokencoin. The sale of OBIZCOIN tokens is an opportunity for investors to participate in this section in order to gain additional benefits from the OBIZCOIN (OBZ) BOT service. BOT OBIZCOIN (OBZ) is an ERC-20 marker developed on the ethereum platform.
66% The start-up of enterprises ends in less than five years. Now Obizcoin is present, so this does not happen, because the obizcoin system will help all developers to work more efficiently.
* 80% of start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises fail due to inefficient business management with a complex Obizcoin bosys system that will provide better manageability and more efficient.
* 80% Problems arise due to the fact that internal processes do not talk to each other, it is usually caused by the lack of development of ketilitan, leading to a smaller internal process of sincron, it can be used as an aid to Obizcoin very effectively.
*100% there are no effective business processes, enterprises lose the ability to identify critical deficiencies and plan growth that can be diprediksi.Dengan their Obizcoin will manage to find a weak point where this can lead to a fatal error for businesses that work.
* 30% of inefficient processes in organizations spend 30% of their income each year, this is very harmful to the company, Obizcoin gives you more reasonable calculations to cut costs less efficiently.
* Inefficient 5-fold business process has a 5-fold negative impact on the customer, which leads to poor delivery of the product. This is most important in the development of the company, the business should be more efficient in terms of manufacturing and delivery process, so that the business always gets a good bet from the client.
BOT will be able to develop and improve business processes using Block AI and Ethereum technologies.
A gradual update of business intelligence will make BOT smarter every day, which will ultimately improve the process of organizational improvement.
The process is a series of activities undertaken to achieve the desired result. Every activity in the organization requires a process. If you can not explain what you are doing as a “process,” you do not know what you are doing.
Here travel and planning ObizCoin from 2013
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