Obizcoin is an offering from parent company Your Retail Coach (YRC). Your Retail Coach provides business management solutions for Startups & SMEs, founded in 2012 out of Pune, India. Your Retail Coach’s management services helps its clients to develop their internal as well as external business processes i.e. SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), implement them by aligning the team, integrate processes with their ERP & audit the operational performance of the organization.Obizcoin plans to utilize YRCs domain expertise and rich industry experience by integrating it into BOT through Artificial Intelligence &
blockchain technology. This will cut down on time needed for research and development of every domain as YRC has already developed Intellectual Property of more than 10 domains that they are already catering to.

How it works?

BOT will provide domain knowledge which will align all your processes, including the
internal as well external processes. All the software available in the market today
provide humungous data in the form of reports but does not tell you what to do,
how to use and when to use these reports. BOT will analyze the reports & shall
present you with solutions best fit for your organization. So, its not just an
application, but your Virtual CEO.BOT knows which staff is performing the best and which one is not. knows your inventory turnover ratio and guides you to manage your purchase levels. BOT will monitor the progress of every process in the organization and send alerts for alarming situations. It will analyze all the above information and several other data
points across the organization to build an algorithm for the operational health score
of your business. This information will help business owners have better control
over their operations & provide early warning signals in case any process is deviated
or not followed.


It’s the technology that underpins digital currencies and ensures that all transactions are properly conducted and recorded. But what is stored on the blockchain need not be just a monetary unit – it can be put to all kinds of other interesting uses.Blockchain enables the execution of business processes across multiple organizations and in the organization, across multiple functions. Distributed and decentralised ledger technologies, smart contracts and the internet of things have the potential to disrupt and revolutionise business process management and optimisation.


    Incremental Profit Sharing shall be applicable after company
    achieves the first milestone i.e. 6,000 ETH from the token sale
    The token holder must hold OBZ tokens in OBZ wallet for receiving share in
    profits. Profits will be distributed on pro-rata basis depending on the no. of
    days the OBZ tokens are held in OBZ wallet
  • Profit Sharing shall be distributed in ETH.Profit Sharing shall be distributed on pro-rata basis. If a person holds OBZ tokens in OBZ wallet for 15 days, he shall receive Profits as per 15 days calculation.
  • Saves Time
  • Action at the speed of thought
  • Reduce Operating Cost
  • Reduces transactional cost in buying BOT Services.

Token Sale

OBIZCOIN token is an ERC-20 compatible token.
Obizcoin tokens are utility tokens and provide token holders with the ability to access services on the Obizcoin BOT Application such as operational risk score analysis, Associate program of Process Consultants and such other services available on BOT. These tokens shall also be used for collaboration with trade partners, third party vendors, business mergers, acquisitions and buyouts, bounties, content writers, business associates, Third Party Access for API etc.

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