Obizcoin is an offering from parent company Your Retail Coach (YRC). Your Retail Coach provides business management solutions for Startups & SMEs, founded in 2012 out of Pune, India. Your Retail Coach’s management services helps its clients to develop their internal as well as external business processes i.e. SOP (Standard Operating
Procedures), implement them by aligning the team, integrate processes with their ERP & audit the operational performance of the organization. Obizcoin plans to utilize YRCs domain expertise and rich industry experience by integrating it into BOT through Artificial Intelligence & blockchain technology. This will cut down on time needed for research and development of every domain as YRC has already developed Intellectual Property of more than 10 domains that they are already catering to. This shall speed up the turn around time from development to sales. As once the technology of BOT is ready, the sales can be immediately started with these existing domains.


It’s the technology that underpins digital currencies and ensures that all transactions are properly conducted and recorded. But what is stored on the blockchain need not be just a monetary unit – it can be put to all kinds of other interesting uses. The nature of blockchain technology has got innumerable applications, because the idea can now be applied to any need for a trustworthy record. It is also putting the full power of cryptography in the hands of individuals, stopping digital relationships from requiring a transaction authority for what are considered ‘pulltransactions’.
Blockchain enables the execution of business processes across multiple organizations and in the organization, across multiple functions. Distributed and decentralised ledger technologies, smart contracts and the internet of things have the potential to disrupt and revolutionise business process management and optimisation. You could make the process even smarter by including more interaction with the blockchain, such as reacting to events on the blockchain that indicate fraud or other incidents. These events could directly initiate new business processes and ensure that appropriate actions are taken by the right people.


Their OBIZCOIN Smart contract protocol is based on Ethereum protocol, which is an open source blockchain with distributed computing for smart contracts. Smart contracts are immutable programs stored on the chain, which can guarantee contract’s action. Blockchain technology would make the transactions secure & transparent. SMART contracts will bring transparency into the employee – employer relationship and there will not be any trust necessary as expectations, deliverables and rewards would be hard locked into smart contracts and would not be changed without segwit of all parties.



  • 80% of Startups & SMEs across the globe face certain standard challenges in managing business. These include things like hiring the right people & retaining them, delegation & automation problem, lack of required domain knowledge, people dependency, cash flow management, balancing quality and growth, customer delight, inventory management, maintain the service standards and many more.


  • Enter Obizcoin. Obizcoin will bring solution for managing all these SME & Startup businesses with the domain expertise, rich industry experience & proven management techniques. These solutions will be delivered through Knowledge BOT , based on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. These solutions assure that the businesses are managed efficiently & their failure rate due to management reason is minimized.


  • •Managing business processes efficiently, is one of the key factors required for Startups & SME Businesses to sustain & grow. Accurate functioning of processes is inevitable to run the organization. These processes include purchase, sales, supply chain, Human Resource, Accounts, Business Development, Customer Service & several other small & big processes within the organization. The market is humungous as 70% of businesses in the world are Startups & SMEs.


OBIZCOIN token is an ERC-20 compatible token.
Obizcoin tokens are utility tokens and provide token holders with the ability to access services on the Obizcoin BOT Application such as operational risk score analysis, Associate program of Process Consultants and such other services available on BOT. These tokens shall also be used for collaboration with trade partners, third party vendors, business mergers, acquisitions and buyouts, bounties, content writers, business associates, Third Party Access for API etc

The Obizcoin BOT would be very beneficial to business process consultants. They will not have to spend huge time and energy trying to see if client have been following the process they have suggested or whether they have deviated at some point as the Obizcoin BOT shall help them collect all the information they require to carry out their services.
Obizcoin is organizing a token sale to raise fund to sponsor the project. OBIZCOIN token is an ERC-20 compatible token. Obizcoin tokens are utility tokens that would be used by token holders to pay for services on the Obizcoin BOT Application. The symbol for Obizcoin tokens will be OBZ. The total number of OBZ available for circulation is 300 million OBZ tokens. 270 million OBZ tokens which represents 90% of the entire token will be offered to the public during the ICO. 8% of OBZ tokens will be distributed among advisors while the remaining 2% will be used for bounty. Click on this link now to purchase their token



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