OBIZCOIN || Developing Software And Processing Business Based on AL and Blockchain Technology


OBIZCOIN aims to develop the world’s first Smart Smart Business Process Software based on AI and Blockchain technologies. Team Obizcoin is a comprehensive expert with rich experience in the Business Process Consulting industry. These include entrepreneurs, engineers, developers, accountants, lawyers, and marketers with a record of success and profound expertise in technology, consulting, financing, management, blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.


66% Running a business fails in less than five years. Now Obizcoin is present so it does not happen, because the obizcoin system will help all developers work more efficiently. 80% startups and SMBs fail because of inefficient business management, with a sophisticated Biz Obizcoin system that will provide better, more efficient management.

80% Problems arise because internal processes do not talk to each other, this is usually caused by the lack of developer ketilitan so that the internal process is less sincron, this can be a tool of Obizcoin very efficient. 100% no efficient business processes, businesses lose the ability to identify critical flaws and predictable growth plans. With Obizcoin they will find a weak spot where it can lead to a fatal mistake for the business being run.

30% of inefficient processes within an organization spend 30 percent of their income each year, this is very detrimental to the company, Obizcoin gives you a more sensible calculation to reduce unfavorable expenses.
Inefficient 5x business processes have a fivefold negative impact on customers resulting in poor product. This is the most important in developing the company, the business should be more efficient in terms of process and delivery work, so that business is always given a good interest rate from customers.

Here Travel And Planning ObizCoin starting in 2013.



Its mission is:

  • Difficulty of employers and removal of barriers to entry.
  • Use the crowd to brainstorm / collaborate on business ideas / plans.
  • The first incentive offer, crowdfunding will help you to move.
  • Real-time free market transaction document.
  • Deliver unprecedented level of operational transparency.
  • Control the businessman and the crowd.
  • Provide complete service solution for business development and operation.
  • Crowd safety nets.
  • Project success.

Revenue Allocation :

  • Source of income
  • Transaction fee
  • Down payment balance
  • Include promotions / house ads
  • Subscription / Successful Installation Costs
  • Salary staff working hours
  • Registration fee




Out of a total of 300,000,000 million tokens, 270,000,000 (270 billion) OBIZCOIN tokens (OBZ) will be offered for sale in this offer.

ICO ObizCoin
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