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Obizcoin is an offering from parent organization Your Retail Coach (YRC). Your Retail Coach gives business administration answers for Startups and SMEs, established in 2012 out of Pune, India. Your Retail Coach’s administration administrations causes its customers to build up their interior and also outer business forms i.e. SOP (Standard Operating Techniques), execute them by adjusting the group, coordinate procedures with their ERP and review the operational execution of the association. Obizcoin intends to use YRCs area skill and rich industry encounter by incorporating it into BOT through Artificial Intelligence and blockchain innovation. This will eliminate time required for innovative work of each area as YRC has effectively created Intellectual Property of more than 10 spaces that they are as of now taking into account. This might accelerate the pivot time from advancement to deals. As once the innovation of BOT is prepared, the deals can be quickly begun with these current areas.


BOT will be capable of developing and improvising business processes with the help of AI and Ethereum Blockchain Technology Perpetual upgradation in
Business intelligence will make the BOT smarter each day, which shall eventually augment to the process excellence quotient of the organization.

Business Process Management

Excellence in business Process Management can be achieved by developing and implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for organization. Standard operating procedures are a set of instructions that address the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY AND WHEN of an activity. SOP defines the responsibilities, authorities and reporting structures for every hierarchy within the organisation.

  • BOT categorizes the organization according to size (Startup, Small Scale or Medium Scale) & the Industry (Eg. ECommerce, Apparel, Jewellery, Luxury Goods, CPG, Healthcare, Education etc.).
  • BOT not only develops the processes but also helps in implementation. Implementation includes allocation of team to carry out the processes, allocation of tasks to the team, monitoring the progress of the team, rewarding the team and upgrading the processes.
  • Obizcoin will integrate with API with various ERPs like SAP, Tally, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Oracle etc. & many more.

Operational Risk Score Analysis

One of the key features of Obizcoin BOT is its Operational Risk Score Analysis obtained by unique risk score algorithm, which is a comprehensive score of businesses which shall be helpful for SMEs, Startups and Investors to find the following,;

  • Degree of Process Implementation within the organization,
  • Measure the team performance across the organization
  • Organization’s Strengths & Weaknesses
  • It not only determines the score but also an analysis report of the following:
  • Top Scoring parameters like processes/departments/employees/cost centres etc.
  • Weak Scoring parameters like processes/departments/employees/cost centres etc.
  • Strategies for improvisations
Token supply and distribution:
 • Total Number of Tokens : 300 Million OBZ Tokens
 • Total Tokens for ICO Participants: 270 Million (90 %) OBZ Tokens. If Investor Tokens are not entirely sold, the remaining will be allocated to the reserve and used accordingly when needed.
 • Team, Advisors, Channel Partners : 24 Million (8%) OBZ Tokens.
 • Bounties : 6 Million (2%) OBZ Tokens
 • Out of total OBZ Tokens allocated to the team, only 10% would be unlocked every 06 months. This ensures that the team solely focuses its effort on making the Obizcoin Decentralized Application grow.

Blockchain Benefits

  1. With Blockchain, one will never have to worry about maintaining transparency while they are making their transactions.
  2. The rate of uncertainty is likely to decrease with the help of ESC.
  3. The reward schemes are yet another way to attract the customers and bring them to make use of this platform.


  4. When buying or making use of the BOT services, blockchain ensures that there will be no hidden cost and neither the transactional price will be too high.

Artificial Intelligence Benefits

  1. The scalability increases up to 10 times when it comes to using up the benefits of Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Artificial Intelligence sure does save a lot of time of the users by providing services quite easily and flexibly to its potential customers.
  3. The operational costs are surely reduced.
  4. The customers can easily use up the BOT service 24 * 7. This is how efficient these BOTs are and how easily this is all taken care of.
  5. There is regular upgradation in the system. That is why everything is so up-to-date and the BOT as a service facility reaches up to all demands of the users.

The Token Sale

Tokens can be very easily bought from the website only and only if there are exchanges made with Ethereum.

The Obizcoin tokens come from the Obizcoin world and these are in general the utility tokens. With the help of these tokens, the token holders will have the option to make use of all the services in the platform using the BOT app.

The pre- ICO token sale has already begun from 14th December 2017 and is supposed to be wrapped by 24th January 2018. The value of 1 ETH is equal to 11,000 OBZ TOKENS.

The ICO is going to begin in the coming year from 29th January 2018 and will wrap up mostly by 14th March 2018. The value of 1 ETH remains same to 10,000 TOKENS.

The soft cap is $1.5 Million and the hard cap is $15 Million.

The token distribution has been assigned as:

90% – Investors

8% – Team

2% – Bounty

The Final Verdict

The BOT is one of the most brilliant features that OBIZCOIN has come up with. Apart from that, the other reason that can put you up to invest in this platform is the solution it is bringing up for the startups and SME’s. Obizcoin guarantees to manage all these expertise business controls. Well, the helping hand will be provided by the knowledge BOT which is totally compiled of AI and blockchain. In this way, efficiency will be stored back to where it should have been. If I am asked for my thought, I definitely have a green flag for Obizcoin.

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