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Capture2.PNGInnovation is the truth of nature and their usage in our day to day lives continues to expand. Today, if we look back and see the advancements that have been made, the list is never going to end. This is not the case for a single platform but for most of the platforms that are coming up with the obsession of planting new technology every now and then. But, keeping all that aside, if we talk about the one new technology that we are here to discuss, we can calculate the advancement made by this little wonder – Obizcoin.


Obizcoin not just claims, but is seriously one of the finest innovations made so far. Well, there are uncountable reasons to support the statement but the primary reason is it has got Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to back it up.

The YRC (Your Retail Coach), which provides different solutions to Startups, aims to just one thing and that is to provide all kinds of services to its clients so that they easily develop their inner and outer business platforms.

Obizcoin plays it smart and openly uses YRC expertise by ultimately putting together it with BOT. The rest of the help will be provided by the Blockchain and the Artificial intelligence. Obizcoin has its fingers crossed and is eagerly waiting for the BOT technology to be ready and then it will start its sales with the previous domains it had.


Today, in the 21st Century, online scams are coming up every now and then rather; they are becoming more of a trend. Here is the basic function that helps in the facilitation of Obzicoin.

The very first step is fundraising. The implementation of ROI is one important thing that Obzicoin is looking forward to and about 70% of it can be grabbed with the open use of these BOTs.

Further, comes right up front the stage which ensures and looks forward to the development of the BOT. After the development of BOT heats up, they developers guarantee that the money earning process will also begin from every month. The good thing is, the BOT will also reach its final stage and will be completed soon enough.

Finally, after the development of the BOT is taken care, it looks ahead to provide service to the users. This is when the users start to make more and more money and there is sharing of these profits too. At this point in time, the BOT can be also availed at a much-discounted price.


If we talk about the “benefits”, the blockchain and the Artificial Intelligence sector altogether sums up to provide their list of benefits which automatically is a boon for Obizcoin.

Blockchain Benefits

  1. With Blockchain, one will never have to worry about maintaining transparency while they are making their transactions.
  2. The rate of uncertainty is likely to decrease with the help of ESC.
  3. The reward schemes are yet another way to attract the customers and bring them to make use of this platform.


  4. When buying or making use of the BOT services, blockchain ensures that there will be no hidden cost and neither the transactional price will be too high.

Artificial Intelligence Benefits

  1. The scalability increases up to 10 times when it comes to using up the benefits of Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Artificial Intelligence sure does save a lot of time of the users by providing services quite easily and flexibly to its potential customers.
  3. The operational costs are surely reduced.
  4. The customers can easily use up the BOT service 24 * 7. This is how efficient these BOTs are and how easily this is all taken care of.
  5. There is regular upgradation in the system. That is why everything is so up-to-date and the BOT as a service facility reaches up to all demands of the users.

The Token Sale

Tokens can be very easily bought from the website only and only if there are exchanges made with Ethereum.

The Obizcoin tokens come from the Obizcoin world and these are in general the utility tokens. With the help of these tokens, the token holders will have the option to make use of all the services in the platform using the BOT app.

The pre- ICO token sale has already begun from 14th December 2017 and is supposed to be wrapped by 24th January 2018. The value of 1 ETH is equal to 11,000 OBZ TOKENS.

The ICO is going to begin in the coming year from 29th January 2018 and will wrap up mostly by 14th March 2018. The value of 1 ETH remains same to 10,000 TOKENS.

The soft cap is $1.5 Million and the hard cap is $15 Million.

The token distribution has been assigned as:

90% – Investors

8% – Team

2% – Bounty

The Final Verdict

The BOT is one of the most brilliant features that OBIZCOIN has come up with. Apart from that, the other reason that can put you up to invest in this platform is the solution it is bringing up for the startups and SME’s. Obizcoin guarantees to manage all these expertise business controls. Well, the helping hand will be provided by the knowledge BOT which is totally compiled of AI and blockchain. In this way, efficiency will be stored back to where it should have been. If I am asked for my thought, I definitely have a green flag for Obizcoin.

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