OBIZCOIN: Smart Bot for Managing Your Business, The Virtual CEO is here

Brief description of the project:
Obizcoin developing a platform for small and medium-sized businesses and startups. Smart Process BOT automatiseret repetitive processes in business management. BOT will be able to develop and improvise business processes through technology AI Ethereum and Blockchain Technology

The eternal problem of optimization of business processes, low degree of competition, there are large-scale prospects and global growth. The project started in 2013, is the alpha and the Beta. Full implementation of the project is expected by the end of 2018. Team with extensive experience in consulting, algorithms, business processes worked in a real business. A large group of advisers who have this is not the first project.

There are competitors who are not standing still and have bolshe opportunities to realization. The initial development of the project in India with scalability problems may arise in relation to the institutional peculiarities of doing business in different countries

Short-term growth potential: high
Long-term growth potential: medium
Investment risk: medium

Existence of Bounty program: + ,
A total of 2% OBZ tokens available for ICO are allocated for the whole bounty program which will be divided as follows:
1 – Twitter + Facebook 40% (20% for twitter and 20% for Facebook)
2 – BitcoinTalk signatures 20% .
3 – Translations and moderation of ANN and Whitepaper 10%.
4 – Youtube Bounties 9%.
5 – Blog and Article Bounties 10%.
6 – reserved for other bounties 10%.
Blogging and content generating. Here you will need to make much more effort, but if you have your audience on blogs, you can make good money. There is a number of requirements to the blogs and the number of participants.
Social media. This Bounty type implies that you have social media accounts on twitter, telegram and facebook. The accounts should be active and live with a large number of subscribers. All you need to do is subscribe to the project;s official pages in social media, like and share their posts, repost and retweet them. This promotion strategy doesn’t ask for much effort either, that’s why it’s rather popular. But the downside here is that large number of participants decreases the profits of a single participant.
BitcoinTalk. The subscription campaign proved to be one of the most effective promotion strategies. Your account advertising options depend on your rating too. The profit you can make is very different depending on the total number of participants, because in the end the amount allocated for the campaign will be divided among all the participants. Plus you can use multiple accounts to participate, as there are no strict restrictions, all that matters is their rating.

How the task will be conducted and for whom will it be conducted, and who will be responsible for the operation. But, today many challenges exist for the companies as they are flooded with data from the software without actual remedial actions and future roadmap for the growth of the company according to the data present. Especially, startups and SMEs face a lot of problems due to lack of resource. They cannot hire experts and have to complete a variety of domain task themselves which leads to the failure of the business. A few of the challenges that companies face in the management of the business can be summarised.

  • Lack of domain knowledge expertise and cash flow management
  • Manual process execution and lack of decision making
  • Dependent on people and lack of planning paradigm
  • Weak delegation and lack of management principles

A smart and technologically sound system which can manage business operations is required in the today’s business environment.


OBIZCOIN is developing a Smart BOT based on the Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology for automation of the Business process. BOT has multiple capabilities and a few of them are mentioned below.

  1. BOT Domain Expertise
  2. BOT Process Design
  3. BOT Smart Contract
  4. BOT Reward System
  5. BOT Alerts

API integration of SAP, tally and Microsoft will be available on the platform. One of the most important services offered by BOT is the operational risk score analysis score, which is based on the unique risk score algorithm.

Providing key metrics of the performance of team and variety of improvisations methods, this score helps startups and SMEs take control of the business operation. Along with the BOT, It allows third parties to offer business operation consultations to the startups and SMEs. Overall, BOT will act as a virtual CEO. The entire process of the BOT can be summarised in the following steps.

  1. Evaluation
  2. Implementation
  3. Validation
  4. Record and review
  5. Reward

BOT offers the expertise, data, analysis and insightful actions for the entire business process management.


270 million OBZ tokens are offered to the public. The token can be used to access the OBIZCOIN DAPP platform, reward developers and avail variety of services on the platform. The token sale is currently live until 14th March 2018. One ETH is equal to the 10000 OBZ Tokens.

60% of the funds will be utilised in the application development while 30% will be utilised in marketing. The team is experienced in the fields of business management and technology development.


Almost 70% of startups and SME fail before they can become big. What do you think is the reason for it? Well, there are many reasons to be considered. Today, a variety of software exist to ease the process in the company. They monitor, record, analyse and deliver a required solution for the business process management in the company. Enterprise resource planning has become the popular choice for many companies to make the business operation more transparent and effective. It works as the central body of the corporation having a relationship with each department of the organisation.

Artificial Intelligence has already shown its potential in the multiple application and now it’s time for the combining its power with the blockchain technology to create a sustainable solution for the business across the world. The BOT market has grown exponentially since the last few years and they are being employed in many of the operations of the business, such as customer service management and data accumulation etc. I think they have presented the biggest innovation of the year by creating a perfect BOT to carry out the entire operation of the Business. No Wonder, they called it the Virtual CEO.




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