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Obizcoin BOT is decentralized business process management application for SOP development & implementation. And it plans to utilize YRCs domain expertise and rich industry and rich industry experience by integrating it into BOT through Artificial Intelligence & blockchain technology. This will cut down on time needed for research and development of every domain as YRC has already developed Intellectual Property of more than 10 domains that they are already catering to. This shall speed up the turn around time from development to sales. As once the technology of BOT is ready, the sales can be immediately started with these existing domains.
Obizcoin not simply claims, however, is seriously one in every of the best innovations created to date. Well, there area unit uncountable reasons to support the statement, however, the first reason is it’s got Blockchain and computing to back it up.
The YRC (Your Retail Coach), which provides different solutions to Startups, aims to just one thing and that is to provide all kinds of services to its clients so that they easily develop their inner and outer business platforms.
Obizcoin plays it smart and openly uses YRC expertise by ultimately putting together it with BOT. The rest of the help will be provided by the Blockchain and the Artificial intelligence. Obizcoin has its fingers crossed and is eagerly waiting for the BOT technology to be ready and then it will start its sales with the previous domains it had.

Bot Domain Expertise

The BOT will be equipped with knowledge about a particular business Domain. Domain BOT knowledge base will continue to widen with the addition of new business domain knowledge. Domain expertise will allow the client to have a competitive advantage in business management.

The Design Process Of The Bot

The mapping process, the development of procedures, KPI and KRA, reporting and driver’s license. The process must be designed in line with the strategic objectives and the company’s operations.

The Decision Process Of Bot

With the knowledge of the domain expert, the BOT will help the business decision process. Companies need to move fast, but they also need a long-term strategy that will ensure their business can meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

SWOT System Bot

SWOT is a BOT system uses sophisticated algorithms and analysis techniques to train the BOT on how to capture the data that can be used from a variety of sources and formats to provide potential insights about the viewpoint of efficient and efficient in the organization and work on them. to overcome weaknesses take & opportunities.

Bots Are Smart Contracts

The BOT will be able to prepare and implement smart contracts that will allow organization automating repetitive tasks and identified with the condition and the results have been determined. Smart contracts will be executed in & outside organizations such as vendors, suppliers and so on. This will help the Organization to conduct transactions and processes that are transparent and secure

Reward System Bot

With the help of smart contracts, technology awards employee and rewards will be automatically, since the contract smart will carry out financial transactions such as salary, incentives, bonuses and commissions depend on the conditions specified.

Bot Audit System

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, a BOT will do the audit process organization, evaluating the overall growth of the micro-level operations and perform improvisation process turnaround time, efficiency and resources consumed.

Bot Alert

BOT Alerts designed to strategize business processes.


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Token Details

OBIZCOIN token is a token compatible ERC-20. Obizcoin token is a token utility and gives the holder of the token with its ability to access services on the application Obizcoin Biz like score operational risk analysis, program Associate Process Consultants and other services available in the BOT. This token must also be used to collaborate with trading partners, third-party vendors, mergers, acquisitions and business purchases, bounties, content writers, business partners, third-party access to API etc.


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