Envision an advanced get that is self-executing in nature and can’t be vexed, a commencement to be slaked when the fundamentals of a satiating like exchanging of cryptocurrencies and getting the sodality or thing have gratified, a sit out of gear that connects with a business of benefitting two cordial events consolidating into trading property, cryptocurrencies, offers or anything with worth, which such straightforwardness, free of contention without the reason for center individuals, for example, banks, licit partners. A modernized contract proximate to saccharine machines where the crypto-coin is flung in and the escrow or whatever the assent was plenarily evoked additionally, will be executed. It’s grouped OCTUS If it’s not inordinate bother to take a seat and discharge up to your nerves as you read. In like way, I urge you not exclusively to investigate yet likewise to make an essential stroll as a piece of this phenomenal change.


Right, when Octus covers blockchains as Ethereum, it is likewise covering all tokens ERC20, ERC233 made on that sort out, so they could be titanic sending by a colossal number of tokens made on a kindred stage. Octus covers all points of interest made on Waves, NEO and different assorted blockchains in like manner, so it will decidedly impact blockchain world. It’s conceivable, inside the not so distant future, that Octus would be a victor among the most eminent programming
Octus (OCT) is the first and authentic cryptographic undertaking for the immense and robotized stream of cutting-edge mazuma cognate structures and tokens of the most conspicuous and insinuated blockchains, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitshares, NEO, NEM, Waves, among others. Being a decentralized mechanical get-together, that anybody can utilize it to disperse mechanized sorts of cryptocurrencies to an outline of wallets of their own decision, in a robotized, controlled and secure way.


Anyone around the world can download the item and profit kineticism in minutes.

Wallets Validation
The application will endorse that each wallet consolidated into the once-over is authentic and can agonize the token or mazuma that will be sent.

Pro Nodes 2.0
Every one of the 100 OCT portions of our application will have flowed to the wallets of the people who have their OCTUS expert center, with reference to the number of tokens they have.

Proof of HODL
All of the people who hold 5000 OCT tokens or more in their wallets, will get airdrops of sundry endeavors.

The system will distribute reports toward the consummate of each scattering, so that failed shipments can be reprocessed.

Controlled flow
The customer will have the competency to discover perpetually how the scattering is running and which have been the unsuccessful wallets.

The grouping of Blockchain’s
The application will apperceive diverse blockchains to make shipments.

Scattering in minutes
The application will utilize multi-hung to send trades parallelly, utilizing the force of the processor to regulate concurrence.


Any customer could download the application on his PC; this application is called OCTUS.
The customer would pick any of the blockchains available from the once-over on the application to execute scattering.

OCTUS will synchronize the blockchain or will establish the Perspicacious contracts to be executed.
The customer must pay 100 OCT (Octus tokens) to the application, as an appraisal for each kineticism made. In case each token costs 0.5$ at this moment and its regard would climb to 1$, the portion will decrement down to 50 Octustokens. Those paid tokens will be spare wear the Project wallet and remain there for 3 months and after that relinquished to be used yet again.

Whenever OCT (Octus tokens) had been paid for application use, the application will fortify wallet list must be on CVS or JSON structure. Each wallet will be endorsed afore sending in the process with the ultimate objective to check token or coin to be sent.

The application will ask the customer how expeditious the sending is required and after that will figure charge portion. Wallet must have enough gas or charge to execute the sending.

The application will commence cluster getting yare and will show results assiduously.

Prior to the completion of each scattering, the application will exhibit a report with results.

octus token

Type: Token Ethereum ERC20
Total Supply: 2,500,000
Token Decimals 18
Smart Contract: 0x7e9d365C0C97Fe5FcAdcc1B513Af974b768C5867


20% Airdrop
5% Bountys
10% Team
20% Reserve wallet
45% Private investors

Funds use

70% Will go to the development of the application
15% Marketing
10% Fee for the exchanges
5% Reserve account


WEBSITE: https://www.octus.network/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/octusnetwork/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/octusnetwork
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5054259.
WHITEPAPER: https://www.octus.network/whitepaper-v1_0_23.pdf
Author: Gilik57
My Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2407427
ETH Address: 0xF1E85Dd6DA5078e6545138a533F1782DD4149e18


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