Kevin Carey, author of The End of College: Creating the Future of Learning and the University of Everywhere, imagines a world in which the rigid four-year-degree model of post-secondary schooling and its associated student-debt burden fade into the past. He foresees a time when higher education becomes an affordable, lifelong process of intellectual and practical enrichment shaped by an individual’s professional and personal aspirations.
Major international publications like Forbes magazine, The Washington Post and The Economist have deemed the $4.6 trillion-to-$6 trillion global education market ripe for technological disruption. Our analysis suggests higher education is vulnerable because of escalating tuition costs and student debt burdens, the unjustified amount of time required to earn a degree and a mismatch between college training and job skills demanded by employers.
After assessing higher learning’s weaknesses, our team concluded a solution lies in an On-Demand Education Marketplace, or what we call ODEM. The platform is a single, accessible, and distributed network that allows students to seamlessly interact with professors and their academic partners in-person, onsite, in both local and international settings to raise the quality of accessible education at reasonable cost.

ODEM Financial Ecosystem

ODEM Token
ODEM platform participants will conduct all transactions using the ODEMT. Payments will occur through the exchange of tokens and will adhere to the smart contract terms and conditions. The token itself will be built on the Ethereum Token Standard, also known as ERC 20.
The ODEM Payment Gateway
As illustrated in Figure 1, ODEMT must be the medium of exchange to purchase program products and services on the ODEM platform.
The Digital Wallet
A digital wallet is an online or mobile account in which users can store all payment information for ODEMT. Wallets will be integrated on the ODEM platform for educators, students and other service providers.
ODEM Token Sale
Proceeds from the token distribution event will be used to fund the ODEM platform development, operations, legal establishment and marketing. The ODEMT will be the native currency used for functioning and operating on the ODEM platform. In short, the main and only purpose of the token is for the use of the utility services available on ODEM platform. ODEM SA does not make any claims about the use of ODEMT for any other purposes. Kindly note that any information mentioned in this chapter may change without notice before the launch of the main crowdsale.

The ODEM token sale will happen in two phases

1. Pre token sale — early adopter phase
The Pre Crowdsale phase will start on December 10th, 2017. In the Pre-token sale, 58,200,000 ODEMT will be issued at a discounted rate of €0.0375. These ODEMT will be issued at a 25 percent bonus rate. Kindly note the bonus tokens will only be accessible after completion of the main token sale and token generation event has occurred. There is a minimum purchase requirement of 200,000 ODEMT, per user, in the Pre-token sale phase.
2. Token Sale
The main token sale will commence tentatively on February 17th, 2018 and will continue until March 19th, 2018. A total of 180 million ODEMT will be issued in this phase. The tokens will be issued at, or around €0.05. Considering the fact that the ODEM platform can only perform optimally if the tokens are widely distributed, a user will be allowed to buy a maximum of 250,000 ODEMT during the first hour of the main token sale. After that, a maximum cap of 250,000 ODEMT will be lifted.

Details of the Contributors

Considering the global Token Sale regime, ODEM SA is committed to following certain best practices. The ODEM token sale will require KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-money Laundering) protection measures to ensure contributors can legally participate in the token sale. ODEM believes in being a leader in the implementation of best practices. A KYC form will be available on the odem.io, homepage.
The contributions raised by ODEM SA will be used for the research and development of the ODEM platform and building out the marketplace. ODEM Rewards will be used to incentivize marketplace participants and will be used at the company’s discretion based on economic conditions.

Utilization of Funds Roadmap

In this section, we underline the business setup that we will construct from the contributions we receive from the token sale. We propose the following plan for the expected contributions which we may receive in this ODEMT token sale

Level 1 — €1 up to €3 million

  • Limited functionality for educators to create profiles and content
  • Deploy on chain transactions on Ethereum at limited capacity
  • ODEM Platform Beta Launch
  • 1 physical office (Switzerland)
  • 3 full time senior developers
  • 1 full time blockchain developer
  • 1 full time sysadmin/quality assurance/support
  • 1 full time consultant/sales engineer

Level 2 — €3 million to €6 million

  • All Level 1 benefits
  • Additional marketplace participants will be added (mentors and interpreters).
  • Recruitment of developer team to migrate majority of off chain transactions to on-chain ecosystem
  • Additional branch office (China)
  • Develop course offerings for distributed ledger technology with social, political and technological impacts
  • 4 full time senior developers
  • 2 full time blockchain developers
  • 2 full time sysadmins/quality assurance /support
  • 2 full time sales engineers/consultants
  • 1 UI and mobile expert
  • 1 legal advisor
  • 1 business development specialist
  • 4 senior professors from Ivy League/Swiss universities

Level 3 — €6 million to €12 million

  • All level 2 benefits
  • Additional marketplace participants will be added (accommodations and facilities).
  • All transactions occur on chain and across additional selected blockchains
  • Up to 5 physical offices in 5 target markets (Switzerland, Asia, India, S. America, Middle East)
  • Pilot credentialing of selected education courses
  • Pilot and testing of Video on Demand platform
  • Free personalized education blockchain account tracking
  • Scholarship program for underprivileged students
  • 5 full time senior developers
  • 3 full time blockchain developers
  • 2 full time sysadmins/quality assurance /support
  • 4 full time sales engineers/consultants
  • 2 UI and mobile expert
  • 1 legal advisor
  • 4 business development specialist
  • Global marketing support
  • 4 senior professors from Ivy League/Swiss universities
  • Education counsel and accreditation committee
  • 1 human resource manager

VISION for Deliverables / Goals

Live ODEM Platform fully functional based on specifications supplied above including:



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