ODEM: The Higher Education Based on the Blockchain Technology

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ODEM may be a comprehensive platform that permits students, educators and repair suppliers within the education business to participate in an exceedingly direct, suburbanized and period of time marketplace. It permits participants to look, choose and buy existing instructional merchandise moreover as produce, request and discuss customized instructional experiences personally and online. Not like online education suppliers like Coursa and Khan Academy, the ODEM platform focuses on making instructional programs nose to nose and in real time. For this reason, the ODEM platform is meant to accommodate not solely the delivery of one course, however conjointly the related to services and coming up with that area unit enclosed within the accommodation.
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ODEM is over simply a marketplace for education. Through intelligent contracts supported Ethereum, the agreement between students and professors are going to be achieved with the slightest attainable implication of intermediaries. The tradable utility tokens of the platform can function a standard currency to facilitate cross-border payments and encourage lecturers to keep up their current and relevant courses. Our dream is to form the education of the simplest educators within the world accessible to any or all.

In the case of the ODEM platform, the employment of the general public Ethereum network ensures the system is sure as access to the platform and periodic hashes of the state of the platform area unit broadcast on the general public network. At now, ODEM token practicality is taken into account sufficiently complicated for the team to like the Alan Turing Complete EVM over the employment of Stellar for the general public token. Nevertheless, use of the Ethereum Network are going to be unbroken to a minimum to avoid excess transactions prices on ODEM.
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On the ODEM platform, Ethereum primarily based good contracts can make sure the services area unit accessed in an exceedingly “trustless” manner. “Trustless” doesn’t mean that they can’t be sure, however instead the need to trust one another isn’t needed. At a sensible level, this implies that a student should purchase services from service suppliers sitting on the opposite facet of the world, while not ever meeting them associated while not knowing whether or not they area unit an honest service supplier. Payment of instructional services on the ODEM platform are going to be created via associate inherent cryptocurrency, associate ERC twenty token, particularly the ODEM Token (ODEMT). This feature permits for a typical divisor that gives cheap transfers valuable, in addition as quick and secure monetary transactions on the platform. Within the ODEM platform, suppliers are going to be incentivized to hitch the platform through free initial tokens allotted from the ODEM Rewards token distributions. Once suppliers sign on and build profiles, they need to adhere to the provider fee structures.



They are offering Tokens for people’s participation in the platform. The 60% of the ODEMT tokens will be available for the crowdsale while 19% goes to the company. The ODEMT Crowdsale will start on 17th February 2018.

The funds will be utilised for the operations, marketing and development of the platform. They believe that quality education should be accessible to all. The team is supercharged with the project. They are experienced and ready to complete the project.


Higher education has been one of the most overlooked sectors for many years. The students have the opportunity with the technology of today to advance their career in the way they think is right. Continuous learning is the first stepping stone in the human development. This platform aims to bring the direct connection between the Students and professors on a global scale. This is the ultimate higher education project we all need to bring the universal access to education. I think that they have brought a unique concept in the noble sector, which seems to become more of a business.

Providing the Power to the students to choose and make customizable courses along with the professors empowers them to learn more and complete the course. There are multiple benefits of the platform and nothing matters more than that, it aims to bring Global access learning to the students of the world. I think it will one of the projects which have potential to change lives. We have to incorporate other channels to promote Quality education for all. Because it is the only investment in our future which we can never regret. I remain Hopeful that with the help of current technology tool, online learning can be made perfect and direct.


Website: https://odem.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/odem_io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/odemio/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ODEM_IO
Medium: https://medium.com/@RichMaaghul
Whitepaper: http://odem.io/docs/whitepaper/ODEM.IO-Whitepaper.pdf
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2678328.0




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