ODEM, Unlocking Higher Education.

ODEM , Unlocking Higher education.
This is a very simple quote and definitely explains what Odem seeks to achieve.
The problem is quite simple but the solution is not that easy. Odem is the newest
key to the educational problems the students are facing.

There are many hindrances for students in their studies. We, at some point in our lives experienced these differences ourselves and ODEM is here to be the missing puzzle piece in every student’s dream of achieving higher education. Odem has seen three major types of problem that hinders a student’s rights to a much better education. First is classified as Institutional Barriers, in which the student can only learn what the professor taught them, and this professor only will only be teaching them what his professor taught him the past. Then the unending cycle of the barrier will be created, in which the same amount of knowledge and expertise will be only be passed on the next generation on and on. The second one is classified as Financial Barriers. We all know that tuition fee increases exponentially more than it decreases. As the value of our fiat currency decreases, people get poorer and poorer by the year financially, and along that problem is tuition increase. So it is a double means of hindering the students in attaining a higher quality of education. The third problem is classified as, Geographic and Society Barriers, in which ODEM seeks to educate the parents the disadvantages of Online studies and schools for their children. Although it have some advantages, it also have some severe disadvantages, for example is it can affect the way that student will socialize in the community in the future, thus affecting the student’s way of learning in the long run.

ODEM seeks to achieve the said problems in order to greatly improve the resources a student can get, thus improving his learning dramatically as well as improve the student as a person in the process.
Using the power of the blockchain technology, students and professor can interact directly and can participate in exchange of education and learning despite the geographical and financial hindrances. The financial institution-less ODEM, with the help of the blockchain technology, a higher quality of education and learning can be at the reach of every student’s hands .

Weather you need to learn a lecture worth a day or a month or two, the ODEM platform seeks to make a student-teacher relationship at any point, any price and anywhere in the world.

Odem payment will be powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, thus providing a transparency and an easier mode of payment.

The ODEM process is much easier done than saying.
A student registers, create user login, create user wallet and then finally creating his own full profile including educational interests, preferences and needs.
An educated sign ups, creates user login, create user wallet, create full profile including one’s location, availability for schedule, price, public or either private teacher, preferences and area of expertise on teaching.

A video explanation for those who prefer much better explanation.

For any interested investors, here is the token distribution and the roadmap.
All contacts and information regarding ODEM is listed blow.


Website: https://odem.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/odem_io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/odemio/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ODEM_IO

My Bitcointalk:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1041153



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