The Omnitude project creates a new link between blocking and e-commerce

The Omnitude project team intends to create a system where the process of trade and data exchange will become transparent and fair. The new system will become a kind of bridge between the integration of current platforms and modern blockchain technology, without the need to replace the former.
Overview of used Omnitude functionality
The creators claim that Omnitude will become a new trend in blocking technology when deploying an honest and transparent system.
The basic principles of technology will be:
• The Omnitude project will help a lot of block projects to easily integrate with each other, thus speeding up the development cycle with a reduction in costs. Now the use of innovation will become easier, because everything new can be attached to current technologies;
• All innovative projects and sites will now be available to everyone, regardless of knowledge and merit. Any user who has expressed a desire to try something new will get personalized access to the system;
• The ability to freely create any utilities and applications, through which the web community can effectively grow and grow on the basis of open source, accessible to all.
ICO Data

Coin name: ECOM;
Used protocol: ERC-20;
Date of ICO: from March 25 to April 25, 2018;
A total of 100,000,000 coins will be issued, of which 50% are put up for sale;
The minimum volume of received investments: 10 million US dollars;
The maximum amount of investments: 23 million US dollars.
The Omnitude project team
The developers of the project have an impressive experience for the implementation of all conceived plans. According to them, they are working not only to create something new in the field of block technology, but to develop a system that will be freely available to third-party developers who can implement their ideas and solutions to solve real problems.
At the head of the project Omnitude are:

• K. Painter – founder and CEO;
• V. Kalinyak is a co-founder;
• R. Belgrave – advisor;
• B. Roy is a blockchain developer.

More information about the project:

Official website:

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