Omnitude: platform that connects blockchain technology, e-commerce platforms and business systems


Omnitude (ECOM) ( is an extreme concept in blockchain ecosystems. In other words, it is an intelligent blockchain platform that connects blockchain technology, e-commerce platforms and business systems involved in the construction of end-to-end supply chains. Essentially, it acts as middleware, allowing the simple integration of block chain technologies in existing systems, transforming their capabilities.


The fundamental objective of Omnitude group is to alter web based business and supply chains with blockchain innovations. In more detail, it means to make the online retail commercial center more straightforward, more gainful and more secure. Moreover, Omnitude not exclusively will include an incentive through its eCommerce middleware arrangements, yet in addition driving the standard selection of blockchain innovation through the foundation of a blockchain biological system.


Omnitude will enable organizations to take care of issues in ways that were unrealistic previously, without the ascent of blockchain innovation

Omnitude will make straightforward and responsible assembling and supply chains

It will likewise make a noteworthy diminishment in misrepresentation in electronic business

What’s more, it will permit a solitary client personality for use in any web based business website associated with Omnitude

Furthermore, Omnitude will permit blockchain mix between business frameworks, for example, ERP and WM S

How it works

The Omnitude ecosystem will be made up of a variety of entities, including merchants, customers, suppliers, couriers and affiliates/referrers. It will be built on top of Hyperledger, in order to enable business-to-consumer and business-to-business transactions. The Hyperledger architecture provides core blockchain services, on which the Omnitude ecosystem is built. In the image below, you can see a representation of how Omnitude works and which entities are involved.

The platform is based on the Hyperledger project, an open-source, controlled protocol enabling and governing B2B and B2C transactions. The key nodes of the solution are administered by certain parties selected by the Foundation. The access level for each participant of the project is predetermined by the role he plays. Most of them are allowed to develop information flows and integrations through APIs in order to boost the process of application creation. They can also develop the teamwork within the limits of the Omnitude ecosystem, so that different e-commerce parties could intercommunicate.

The platform includes two basic differentiators:

  1. Identity + Supply Pipeline

Omnitude interconnects identity systems and supply solutions for the purposes of e-commerce environment. When integrated together, these two concepts constitute a great value for this sphere of business:

POI Solution. As advocated by the project’s developers, every user has an Omnitude Identity. It simplifies the process of customer identification and streamlines people’s onboarding experience. Both merchants and ordinary users have their purchase history, reviews, and other data recorded and stored.
Supply Pipeline. This solution lets customers track items through the supply chain with the use of forgery-proof cryptographic symbols. Herewith, all the relevant data is recorded within Omnitude’s blockchain.

  1. DPBFT Mechanism

The software uses the DBPFT algorithm, which provides an instant settlement of transactions, excellent transaction finality, and good scalability. The algorithm of DBPFT is rarely implemented by projects of the kind, but Omnitude has managed to get the most out of it.


Extra details

Token: ECOM
Platform: Hyperledger
Type: ERC20
PreICO price: 1 ECOM = 0.40 USD
Price in ICO: 1 ECOM = 0.46 USD
Tokens for sale: 55,000,000

Omnitude’s Roadmap

The project was started in the third quarter of 2017. When the technical basis of the solution was ready, the developers created the detailed Whitepaper and confirmed the project’s technical viability. In the first quarter of 2018, the business case was released and the website accepted its first onboard beta clients, business partners and stakeholders. The team behind Omnitude created the Proof of Concept and closed the recruitment drive.

ECOM pre-sale took place from January, 30th to February, 18th 2018. Its crowdsale is planned to start 28th of March 2018 and finish 25th of April 2018.

In the second quarter of 2018, the team will announce the technology partners, work on phases 1 and 2, create the integration code, and organize ECOM live exchanges. In the third quarter of the same year, they plan to finish phase 1, start testing, and develop operating models and governance. As soon as the testing period is over, they’ll take Omnitude into full production. It is scheduled for the beginning of 2019.

The group and counsel tokens are vested in view of time with 20% being discharged every year for 5years. The guide of Omnitude platform the underlying token deal will be propelled at the primary quarter of 2018 and by the final quarter of 2018, Omnitude 3.0 will be propelled. Omnitude has all you have to prevail in the advancing crypto group.


The team behind this project is headed by Chris Painter. He has 9 years of experience in Pixel by Pixel, a world-known company that specializes in design, development, and e-commerce. Today, Chris is the founder of Omnitude and its CEO.

Vladimir Kalynyak is the founding member of Omnitude. In 2005, he became the co-founder of Simbirsk Technologies, which grew up from a small business to a prosperous enterprise with over 100 specialists in different fields.

Robert Belgrave, the project’s co-founder and advisor, can boast of rich experience in IT. He was a CEO in Wirehive, an Advisor in DADI, and a Lead Solution Architect in a number of ventures.

One more member of the team is Ben Bennet, Omnitude’s Operations Director. Along with this project, he manages two other businesses. Ben Bennet can boast of over 13 years of experience in sales and marketing.

Other members of the team are Benjamin Van Every (specialist in blockchain), James Worthington (consultant in Hyperledger), Lianne Byrne (head marketer), and others.

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